Reviewing the Mavic Air 2, DJI’s latest drone, during quarantine

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is a big improvement over the original, and maybe the best drone for most consumers.

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[Music] This is the DJI Mavic air 2 and it’s Really good it can fly farther and Faster and take better pictures than Most drones in the market regardless of The price and the Mavic air 2 only costs $7.99 Normally I would take a new drone on an Adventure it’s spring so we would go Kayaking well we’re in quarantine Because it cove at 19 so i’m limits to Filming things in my yard like MIMO my Yard This isn’t Automator look right here the Drone features several modes that lets You select a subject like me and more The drone will follow it or circle it You know for crazy action shots like This I love the Mavic air too but it has A critical flaw the optical avoidance Technology isn’t as good as advertised For one the drone doesn’t have sensors On the side so when the drone is panning Around a subject in an automated flight Path they can’t see things on the side Here’s one an example I set the drone to Do an automated flight mode around novo And everything was going great and so it Flew sideways into a tree or here’s Another the drone was following me on The mower and working fine until I Changed directions on the mower and the Drone of circling around and found a Massive branch thankfully the navigator

2 is durable and survived both instances Of just minor damage listen the Mavic Air 2 is great as long as you understand The limitations the sensors and Technology are not good enough to follow You through a wooded area look at a sky Dealing drone for that but besides that The Mavs care 2 sets the bar really high For other drones for one this drone is Fast and sport mode it hits 40 miles an Hour in normal mode which is better Suited for camera use he goes about 30 Miles an hour the camera is fantastic it Can record 4k video at 60 frames per Second and take RAW images from the 48 Megapixel sensor and the fidelity is Great too This is a camera that doesn’t disappoint It easily captures wispy clouds and Vibrant skies trees and houses and Everything are crisp and clean what’s More the flight time is great I was Easily able to get more than 30 minutes Of flight time out of the battery in High winds I found it dropped a bit but Not a lot Overall at $800 the Navigator – is the Drone to buy for the money but really Though you should look at spending 988 And get the bundle that includes travel Case and the two extra batteries [Music]

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