Rivian’s R1T truck camp kitchen in action

The 2022 Rivian R1T includes an option to buy a $5,000 camp kitchen, which fits snugly into the electric truck’s grease tunnel. Check out the final version, learn what it can do and how it differs from the prototype.

[Music] Hi i’m kirsten korosek with techcrunch And we’re here to see the close to final Production version of the camp kitchen The first time i saw the camp kitchen Was in 2019 in flagstaff at the overland Expo and i’m really curious to see what The final product looks like uh with me Today is josh glazer I call you the food guy but you do have An official title right it is it’s a Pretty formal i’m the senior culinary Program manager For rivian so Basically i oversee food and beverage at All of our rivian offices plants and Here in the outdoors uh so we’re going To show you the camp kitchen cool well Josh is going to open it up this is the Gear tunnel which has become like the Iconic design piece of caribbean truck Some of the materials are a little bit Different but It’s pretty much laid out the same sure We’ve got our two dometech induction Burners we can do a number of different Cooking applications from brazing Searing sauteing a lot of one-pot dishes And then why did you do induction and Not you know some other like electric It’s got a great heat transfer heats up Really really really quickly it Maintains heat It gives us the ability to put the

Cookware on it turn it on and right away We’re up to heat so we don’t have that Period where we have to wait for things To to heat up cool so what’s next next Up we’ve got our cutting board so it Detaches um beneath the cutting board We’ve got our sink so i’ll pull it up Like this we just push it open it up pop It back in turn out the handles over Here kind of hidden we’ve got our hose So we’ve got our water source comes in So so so handy when we’re outdoors uh Wiping everything down cleaning dishes When we’re done pull this out go dump it In the woods water some plants Pop it back in and we’ll put the cutting Board back on cool and then while you’re Doing that so there is a water tank Stored in here It’s a 3.7 gallon water tank uh Accessible just Basically we pack up the the gear tunnel The camp kitchen slide it through we Access the uh reservoir on the other Side we just unscrew it take it to a Water source fill it up attach it back On boom we’ve got 3.7 gallons of uh Water well there’s a whole other side Here so i’m going to open it up and do The honors looks like right here on the Top it’s cork Uh kind of base and we’ve got spatulas Uh different kinds of spoons when the Prototype it hadn’t been completely

Figured out they were sort of playing Around with a bunch of different things And then it looks like there is a bottom Piece too which is where The Snow peak plates Cups And what’s this So those are lights so we string our Lights if we need any extra light source At night time when we’re cooking or just For some great decoration we’ll string Those up nice and this is where the Big guns i guess are the the pots And also this is another change um in The prototype it was a different kind of Like actually a drawer over here where You could set it in and now this is a Little probably a little bit more Versatile a little bit more yeah a Little more versatile um much easier uh So basically we’ve got our kettle right Here we’ve got our Pour over pour over right here you Definitely picked the hipster box there Who doesn’t love their coffee first Thing in the morning and then looks like There is what is this so this is our Grinder so we fill this up with uh fresh Espresso or coffee beans Grind it into the filter that sits on Top of the Holder and then basically We have this run we would pour our hot

Water into here So one thing that i thought was Interesting is that we’re obviously out Here in colorado we’ve been using this During the drive but you’ve been using This in the factory so we’ve been using It for about a year now Uh the first time rj asked to Host an event at the plant i was Terrified because he said 60 people And we had one camp kitchen and since Then We’ve learned to use it it’s great the Firepower is amazing and now we use it Around the plant we take it to the Different departments we feed them lunch We surprise them we drive it around Outside uh host a lot of internal External events and then you know in Spectacular settings like here out in The outdoors and in the rain and in the Thunder obviously you’ve been able to Cook for 60 people or you know our group Which is about i guess 30. so sweet spot Is this like perfect for You know four to six people on a camping Adventure even though you know you can Scale up with just one kitchen oh i Think the sweet spot is probably 10 to 12 people and really be able to offer a Variety of different dishes well thanks Josh uh for showing us and let’s pack it Away And then the last thing is that this can

Be removed if you don’t want to be Carrying around the camp kitchen as You’re shuttling around town all right Well thanks again

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