Roland SH-4d Synthesizer: A Groovebox Disguised as a Synth with Impressive Hands-On Controls

The Roland SH-4d is a synthesizer that is actually more like a groovebox in disguise!
The latest instrument from this renowned company boasts tons of hands-on controls and even includes a dedicated sequencer track for drums.
Unlike many of Roland’s recent offerings that seem to throw everything and the kitchen sink into the mix, the SH-4d sticks to a synthesis and sound design focus while still including plenty of features that will make your head spin.
One of the standout features of the SH-4d is its hands-on control surface.
You get a two-octave keyboard, 16-step sequencer buttons, four faders, and 32 knobs.
And for some reason, Roland has even included motion controls – you can tilt the synth to change parameters!
It may not be immediately clear why anyone would want that, but it’s refreshing to see a company adding controls instead of taking them away.
Under the hood, the SH-4d boasts an impressive sound engine with 11 oscillator types, including classic analog sounds from the Juno-106 and SH-101, metallic FM tones, PCM samples, and 31 different wavetables.

Foreign [Music] The Roland sh4d is a synthesizer that is Actually more like a groovabox in Disguise the latest instrument from this Renowned company boasts tons of Hands-On Controls and even includes a dedicated Sequencer track for drums unlike many of Roland's recent offerings that seem to Throw everything in the kitchen sink Into the mix the sh-4d sticks to a Synthesis and sound design Focus while Still including plenty of features that Will make your head spin one of the Standout features of the sh-4d is its Hands-On control surface you get a two Octave keyboard 16-step sequencer Buttons four faders and 32 knobs and for Some reason Roland has even included Motion controls you can tilt the synth To change parameters it may not be Immediately clear why anyone would want That but it's refreshing to see a Company adding controls instead of Taking them away under the hood the Sh-4d boasts an impressive sound Engine With 11 oscillator types including Classic analog sounds from the Juno 106 And sh-101 1 metallic FM tones PCM Samples and 31 different wavatables There's also a multi-mode filter an amp Envelope an LFO and a multi-effects Engine with 93 different options the 128 X 64 LED screen may not be the sharpest

But it's definitely an improvement over Some of Roland's other recent products But the sh4d isn't just a sound design Tool it's also a groovabox the Instrument features a five-track 64-step Polyphonic sequencer with motion Recording and three different playback Modes the first four tracks can control Any of the 11 oscillator models while The fifth is a dedicated Rhythm track That can play back 439 different samples And virtual analog waves although the Sh-4d seems to be leaning heavily into Roland's Legacy is a Cornerstone of Techno house and other electronic dance Music it will likely be versatile enough To work for other genres as well and While the instrument isn't the most Portable weighing nearly four pounds and Over a foot wide it can still be powered By four AAA batteries or a standard USBC Charger the Roland sh4d will be Available in March for 650 and we can't Wait to get our hands on one if you want To stay up to date with the latest news And reviews be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the button Above this video and as always if you Make a purchase through one of the Affiliate links in this article we may Earn a commission at no extra cost to You Foreign [Music]

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