Ryzen 7000 CPUs Get Price Cuts In China, Up to 27 Percent Lower Than U.S. Pricing

Ryzen 7000 CPUs Get Price Cuts In China, Up to 27 Percent Lower Than U.S.
AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors recently hit the retail market on September 27.
According to Chinese publication Expreview (opens in new tab), the Zen 4-based chips have already seen their first price cuts in less than two months.
In addition, Ryzen 7000 chips, among the best CPUs, are now cheaper in China than in the U.S., which is a rare sight since the hardware is typically more expensive overseas.
The discounts are likely in celebration of Singles’ Day, an unofficial holiday in China that’s celebrated on November 11.
It’s equivalent to our Black Friday.
The Ryzen 9 7950X launched at $765 but now sells for $557 (opens in new tab) on JD.com, 27% cheaper than when it first came out.
That’s a 27% price reduction, which is very steep considering that it’s the flagship Zen 4 chip.
In addition, the Ryzen 9 7950X is 20% cheaper in China than in the U.S., where the 16-core part still maintains its MSRP ($699).

How Drones Impact the Manufacturing Industry

Every new day brings with it a new prospect where drones can be used successfully. One area where drones have started to become commonplace is the manufacturing industry. When you talk about use of drones in manufacturing, do not confuse this with the manufacturing of drones. While it’s true that the idea of drones in the manufacturing process hasn’t really taken flight as of yet, this is not to say that drones aren’t being used at all in the manufacturing industry. Drones have proven particularly useful in the field of food manufacturing, with Japan at the forefront for using this technology. In Japan, drones are being used in the agricultural fields to spray insecticides and to monitor for weeds.

How Drones Are Being Utilized on Golf Courses

The use of UAV is finding new avenues with every passing day. The field of sports and athletics is no different and many sports teams are actively trying to incorporate drones in team management. Golf is one such sport where drones are being used to a great extent. Drones are being used in the areas of golf management and golf marketing.

How Drones Are Affecting Staffing and Outsourcing

Drones are one of the newest things that are going to impact the world in a major way in the coming years. The best aspect of drones is that they will generate jobs for thousands of people because as the use of drones grow, so will the need for trained unmanned vehicle pilots will increase dramatically.

How Drones Are Being Used to Save Lives

Search and rescue situations always have a sense of emergency around them. This is why in such situations, each and every second is important and must be used as efficiently as possible. The possibility of using drones in such operations comes into discussion because of their ability to cut out the time it takes humans to survey large swathes of lands as they can do it aerially in a far quicker time.

The Increasing Use of Drones in Agriculture (Precision Agriculture)

Precision agriculture is the practice of growing crops using highly advanced technology, such as geospatial techniques and sensors. This type of agriculture has been practiced for a long time now. It is usually done using GPS technology that utilizes images from satellites to study variations in the state of the crops and to study the condition of the soil.

How Transport Drone Technology Is Changing the Face of Consumer Services

The use of technology has impacted almost everything. From matters of national security to ordinary aspects of daily life, technology has brought about some significant changes. This change is evident in every walk of life. The consumer products have also undergone a drastic change in the past two to three decades but the delivery of goods has not witnessed any change in many years, aside from being available online and the logistics for delivering them by traditional methods. Consumers and sellers still rely on delivery service providers like FedEx, UPS, USPS and other courier services for the delivery of their orders. These companies can take anywhere from a few days to a week to deliver the order. This causes delays in delivery and upsets customers.

Survey and Mapping Drones and Their Key Functions

Modern high-tech drones or aerial flying machines are equipped with so many useful and amazing features that a person is left spellbound. They come with a mobile app or software application that allows a user to easily control their various functions and also make use of certain tools that make the overall experience more enjoyable, fruitful, and productive. Depending on the main function these machines perform, specific types have also been manufactured so that those who want them to achieve a particular purpose can make use of them. The benefit of these drones is that the person using it only has to learn a few specific functions to use them to his/her advantage.

How Drones Have Revolutionized the Harvesting Process for Wineries and Distilleries

The use of drones has no boundaries. As of now, drones are mostly being used in the field of agriculture. Farmers are using these small aerial vehicles to calculate the time at which they should harvest their crops and winemakers use them in wineries and distilleries.

How Do Drones Help With Logistics and Transport

People have found many useful applications for modern drones and quadcopters. Other than their use for military operations, intelligence and surveillance, they are now widely being employed by large companies for logistics and transport of goods. This area has a complete competitive edge for companies since a large part of their business relies on efficient and fast delivery of goods. Drones are not just used for the delivery purpose they are also used for the other areas related to logistics including management, storage and supervision of the transport of goods.

How Advertising Agencies Are Benefitting From Drones

The most innovative ideas usually come from the creative minds of the people working in advertising agencies. The companies leave no stones unturned to get their products noticed and this is why they make use of the latest technology on the horizon. Not only this, they even try to be the first in using that very new technology. Drones, or the UAVs, are enjoying that kind of attention and are the latest sensation in the advertising business. Right now, wherever there is a drone flying in the sky people get attracted to it and try to have a better look at it. Many of them even try to click photos of the drone. This popularity of drones is being used by the advertising agencies for advertisement and promotion purposes.

Drones and UAVs Important Role in Marketing Services

The technology of drones and UAVs has undoubtedly brought about a significant change in how business is done these days. These aerial vehicles have become a part of every industry imaginable since their introduction. Their benefits have been proven time and time again to be too good not to be redeemed if one has the chance. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles have revolutionized a large number of industrial fields and marketing services is one of them.

Drones and UAVs in Information and Delivery Services

Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones are purported to be the future of both information gathering and delivery services. Amazon recently released a video right before Cyber Monday, showing a drone of theirs delivering a soccer shoe to a child right to his doorstep within 30 minutes. The company announced that their drone production line has passed the testing phase and is now ready for delivery operations. This milestone, when reached by Amazon, will change the face of delivery services as we know it. Once it works for Amazon, it will be no time before your local pizza store uses drones to deliver pizzas in less than 5 minutes.

Drones and UAVs in Construction

Despite common belief, drone and UAV technology has already advanced to play an integral role in heavy industries like construction. The perception many have of drones is often overshadowed by their infamous role in military operations or their association with unlawful trespassing. This is largely due to the nature of stories reported by the media about drones. In actuality, drones have been playing an important and productive role in a large number of industries. THIS, we’re going to delve deeper into drones and UAV role in construction.

Drone Use in Electric Utilities – Maintaining Continuous Supply

Every day, researchers are discovering the potential uses of drones. Companies are also investing in the research to make drones more useful for their own business. Even the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has carried out test flights in order to ascertain the utility of drones in the assessment of any damage that could have occurred in the electric line.

Use of Drones in Health and Accident Insurance Industries

Drones are one of the latest things being talked about. In the present scenario they are of different sizes and shapes and are still in the process of development as far as their capability, flight time and stability is concerned. The future of drones in the health care industry is promising, as they are used to extend assistance to people who are in extreme need of it.

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