Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 aims to be the best Android productivity tablet on the market, but it only strengthens the case for Apple’s less expensive iPad Air.

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The tab s7 is samsung’s alternative to Apple’s 11-inch ipad pro And starts at 649.99 for the wi-fi model If you want lte connectivity expect to Tack on an extra hundred dollars Multiband 5g will set you back an extra 200 It’s available in black bronze and gray And sports a similar But less refined look than its more Expensive competitor the 11 inch Tft lcd has a variable 120 hertz refresh Rate and it’s gorgeous But it does lack some of the same inky Blacks and vivid colors you’ll find on The tab s7 plus Amoled display inside the tab s7 you’ll Find a qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus Processor And there are three different ram and Storage configurations We tested the six gigabit model there’s No doubt The galaxy tab s7 is a powerful tablet But we were surprised by some of its Limitations We noticed slow downs when more than a Few dozen apps and chrome tabs were open Simultaneously And experience some drop frames and lag When playing alto’s odyssey Samsung claims the 8 000 milliamp hour Battery should get you through a full Day

And it might if you’re really Conservative in our battery drain test The tab s7 Only eked out about 5 hours and 30 Minutes Before shutting down in day-to-day use i Managed to get about 6 hours between Charges The tab s7 has two rear cameras a 13 Megapixel primary lens and a 5 megapixel Ultrawide lens As well as an 8 megapixel selfie cam the Front facing camera is great for video Chats And the rear cameras do a perfectly fine Job for a quick snapshot Or document scanning quad speakers with Dolby atmos and akg Tuning make the tab s7 audio experience Incredible Volume peaks at 92 decibels the sound Stage is immersive with well-defined Mids and Hearty bass and in short it makes Streaming an absolute pleasure Unlike the ipad pro samsung includes its S pen stylus with the tab s7 The softer tip makes writing on the tab S7 feel more natural than any other Tablet we’ve used You

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