Self Driving Porsche Powered by Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro

Huawei shows off the power of it’s Kirin 970 chipset by powering a self driving Porsche.

We’re here today to demonstrate the Power of the make temp row and Artificial intelligence in allowing it To drive a driverless car so this is not Why we entering into this a driverless Car industry this is purely testing the Scientific capability of the AI on board To make temp row challenging ourselves To come up with something that’s very Complex and just being powered by a Smartphone we’ve got a camera which is Actually linked directly through a cable Via a USB hub into a smart phone which Is mounted inside the car then we’re Using UDP technology so user Datagram Protocol technology to allow the phone To transfer the message to the car and What to do the phone itself is Recognising from the video stream the Objects using artificial intelligence And then telling the car what to do Through machine learning we’ve taught 100 million images to to the smartphone Today we have three that we’re looking At which is a ball a bike and a dog and You are able to select through the Application which maneuver you want the Car to to take once it’s recognised one Of those three objects being able to Recognize an object means that we can Fine-tune the camera settings to give You the best best picture possible for That’s just really scratching the Surface being able to recognize an image

And understand and being able to Recognize patterns and understand and Predict what should be done and that’s Really the power of artificial Intelligence on the device itself the Speed that it’s able to do as well that Processing in means that on board so on Device artificial intelligence is Instantaneous you don’t need any Connectivity with the cloud that will Take time to do that processing You

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