shroud praises Counter-Strike 2 for its “smoother” gameplay but raises concerns over smokes

shroud praises Counter-Strike 2 for its “smoother” gameplay but raises concerns over smokes.
Former CSGO pro turned streaming superstar Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was among the first to compliment Counter-Strike 2 on launch day, highlighting its “smooth” gameplay upgrades.
Though he isn’t completely sold on one particular change yet, questioning smokes in the new port.
CSGO fans rejoice, Counter-Strike 2 is finally a real thing and it’s already playable, sort of.
If you’re among the lucky few with early access to Valve’s limited beta, you can jump in right away and start getting familiar with the new FPS port.
For everyone else, however, including some of the biggest names in the scene, waiting patiently is all that can be done.
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Lumped into the former group, CS legend shroud was straight into the action on March 22 having gained access right away.
Instantly checking out all the new features and updates, the veteran was quickly impressed after a few games in the Source 2 engine.

Foreign Shroud Praises Counter-Strike 2 for its Smoother gamma play but raises concerns Over smokes former csgo pro-turn Streaming Superstar Michael shroud Griesek was among the first to Complement Counter-Strike 2 on launch Day highlighting its smooth gamma play Upgrades though he isn't completely sold On one particular change yet questioning Smokes in the Newport csgo fans Rejoice Counter-Strike 2 is finally a real thing And it's already playable sort of if You're among the lucky few with Early Access to valve's limited beta you can Jump in right away and start getting Familiar with the new FPS port for Everyone else however including some of The biggest names in the scene waiting Patiently is all that can be done to Stay up to date with latest top stories Make sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video lumped into the former group CS Legend shroud was straight into the Action on March 22nd having gained Access right away instantly checking out All the new features and updates the Veteran was quickly impressed after a Few games in the source 2 engine keeping Praise on the port 4 just how much of an Upgrade it really is he was Complementary towards a vast majority of The day one experience though not

Everything was worthy of Praise however As shroud did highlight a few particular Gripes so far it is a lot smoother of an Engine update than I would have thought Shroud sat early into his all-day Broadcast on Twitch from renovated maps To new server systems this new version Of the game only seeks to improve on Csgo's foundations rather than Establishing a whole new Rhythm that Said smaller editions across the board Certainly caught his eye including a Shiny new visual flare that signifies Your kills to Rota match say you get a Multi-spray or even an ace this new Element Hypes those moments up all the More whoa you guys see this valorent Shroud joked I was saying this yesterday Give me some gas when I get an ace Sometimes you don't even know you got an Ace now we're finally getting some Effing gas subscribe to our newsletter For the latest updates on Experts gaming And more on the other hand a few new Tweaks did raise eyebrows as shroud got More familiar with the new version of Valve's iconic FPS title in particular He questioned the jump from regular tick Rates as we know them to a new method Completely removing the neeta servers Look to match your actions quicker than Ever before they got rid of tick rates Completely have fun he joked Sarcastically the server performance is

Super interesting definitely not as good But that's probably because they have a Lot of hiccups right now last but not Least he also expressed concern over new Smoke grenade systems in the port Admitting the changes look effing dope In action but could be detrimental to Performance bye-bye FPS he said that's Gonna hurt luckily Counter-Strike Already runs great so it's not that big A deal after playing for a few hours he Remained hesitant on the new smokes as a Whole while he continued to praise how Awesome they looked in action especially When throwing grenades to dissolve the Effect or even when shooting through Them he's not completely sold over the Traditional CS smokes just yet obviously It's worth taking these early Impressions for what they are early with Thousands of hours pumped into the Original version of the game any slight Change is going to be massively Noticeable for a player of shrouds ilk But over time there's every chance those Opinions change as he acclimates to the New version of Counter-Strike Foreign

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