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The Silicon Valley Bank or svb and this Is svb stock on March 9th when it Dropped 60 and less than 24 hours later On March 10th the bank shut down so what Happened basically during the coveted Boom SCP had way more money than they Could loan out by a credit offering so Instead they invested in safe low return Long-term bets which people did not like So svb decided to sell its low yield Assets at a loss specifically a 1.8 Billion dollar loss this then triggered A run of the bank which is essentially Where everybody tries to pull their Money out as quick as possible because They think if they don't pull it out now It's not going to be there later which This can essentially bankrupt a bank Overnight which resulted in the stock Dropping and this this too and finally To the bank being shut down by Regulators on March 10th as always we'll Be sure to keep you up to date with the Latest SVP news at and by Following us on Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram and tick tock

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