SiOnyx Aurora night vision camera

Infrared imaging company, SiOnyx, announced the Aurora, a 720p HD night vision action camera aimed at the consumer market. It’s based on their ”Ultra Low Light” technology that is protected by over 40 patents. Available on their site for $799.

Psyonix is delivering the aurora this is A world’s first consumer night vision Camera and we’re really excited about it We’re hoping to deliver to the world a Capability that no one has yet the Ability to see at night we think that That market is underserved today night Vision is very expensive it’s low Resolution it’s inaccessible to most People we know what we can do with our Image sensors so we wanted to provide That capability to the average consumer Wanted to help them bring their night to Life provide what feels like superhuman Vision their war is something quickly Different that you are out at the Transition between day and night or Night and day a lot of times you can’t Capture the moments that are important To you with the current technology That’s available at our heart as a Company we are people who want to make a Direct consumer product we love cameras Contact with the end customer is Important we also make a specialty Sensor and this isn’t something that Necessarily is the scale of a cellphone We felt like we were the best positioned To deliver it to the consumer in the Camera product so at the heart of the Aurora is psyonix his own proprietary Sensors we’ve been making sensors for Very low light for night vision for Years now and we’ve decided to try to

Bring that capability into a camera for The everyday person the company’s been Around for over a decade during that Time we’ve sold mostly image sensors to Our customers others our first consumer Based products this is our first direct Camera product and we’re couldn’t be More excited about it The government has been an avid Supporter of our products they’re one of Our biggest customers we’ve raised over 50 million dollars thus far between Private equity and venture capital as we Go forward as a company with its success We’ll continue to develop the cameras Performance will continue developed how It interacts with the world the product Goes for sale today for pre-order online At science comm Sao NYX at the price of Seven hundred and ninety nine dollars [Music]

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