Some populations of large ocean fish are recovering, but not sharks

Some populations of large ocean fish are recovering, but not sharks.
After decades of population declines, the future is looking brighter for several tuna and billfish species, such as southern bluefin tuna, black marlins and swordfish, thanks to years of successful fisheries management and conservation actions.
But some sharks that live in these fishes’ open water habitats are still in trouble, new research suggests.
These sharks, including oceanic whitetips and porbeagles, are often caught by accident within tuna and billfish fisheries.
And a lack of dedicated management of these species has meant their chances of extinction continue to rise, researchers report in the Nov.
11 Science.
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The analysis evaluates the extinction risk of 18 species of large ocean fish over nearly seven decades.
It provides “a view of the open ocean that we have not had before,” says Colin Simpfendorfer, a marine biologist at James Cook University in Australia who was not involved in this research.

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