Sony’s adorable new Aibo comes to the US

Packed with charm, AI and cloud technology, Sony’s rebooted robot dog doesn’t come cheap.

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[Music] Since the initial eyeball announcement In 1999 it’s been 20 years and a lot of Technology have evolved right so sensors Actuators robotics and AI itself evolved So much on top of that there’s the Spread of wireless connectivity also Create the environment where I became Connect to the internet perpetually so All of that I will can really connect With the owner create the bond and keep Learning and developing its own Personality I became recognized up to 100 different Places but also the more you interact With someone he remembers and he store The information and the more friendship Hero or depending on the everyday Interaction each AIBO develops its own Personality I think I will could be fun Companion for anybody who is looking for Companionship it could be someone who Really fascinated by AI and robotics – This is a really showcase piece from Sony what we can do with the latest Technology the pricing is $28.99 and It’s the first limited edition Specifically for the US market and it Includes a book a three year AI cloud Plan I was favourite toys like AI bonds and Pink ball and the special doctor Available for sale in Sept And available to ship probably around

For the day timeframe [Music]

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