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This startup builds oxygen helmets that deploy automatically. They’re designed for use in space tourism and future space settlements and — according to the website — to help “make space safe and accessible to all.”

Foreign Emily the clock's right down there you Have four minutes starting now Gold Rush is here Space tourism to Future commercial space Stations more and more people are Visiting space but space is dangerous Accidents like depressurizations can and Will happen and the equipment we're Using to protect people in vehicles is Very outdated Spacesuits fun have been fundamentally Changed in over 60 years And all of the spacesuits and safety Technology we have was built for NASA to Protect government astronauts and Obviously the needs of government Astronauts are much different from those Of commercial astronauts and Commercial Launch providers Our drift will be the Levi's of space We're building technology to protect the Next generation of astronauts Commercial astronauts care much more About experience than government Astronauts and with that in mind we've Made our first product which is an Instant emergency space helmet Our proprietary helmet technology can Protect people of any skill level Without impeding their experience or Their work The way it works is it stows completely Away and in an emergency automatically

Deploys to provide supplemental oxygen And impact resistance For the past three years we've touched As many different methods of deployment And the one we've currently settled on Is a spring-based deployment mechanism Which will work well in an unpredictable And rapidly changing pressure Environment Ship alarms will trigger deployment in An emergency and the Dome will be clear To allow for greater visibility The helmet can be integrated into a Flight suit for so brutal flight or Replace a helmet of an existing Iva suit For orbital flights We have five or provisional patents and We're one of the only companies in the Country working on spacesuit technology Currently if you want to go to space There are two intra-vehicle safety Options quick on oxygen masks which are Usually used for suborbital commercial Flights or full IBA suits which are Usually used for orbital and NASA Commercial crew flights quickdown oxygen Masks require passengers to find and put Them on in an emergency Given their limited amount of training And the fact that useful Consciousness In a depressurization is only about five To ten seconds this is a super bad idea Full Ida suits on the other hand are Safer but they're incredibly expensive

Uncomfortable heavy and their helmets Suck Iva suit helmets don't turn with Your head and severely limit your field Of view Since our helmet stows until needed you Have an unobstructed view of everything Around you since it deploys Automatically it doesn't require any Training to use And it will be less prone to user error Our beachhead Market is suborbital Commercial space flight we expect this To grow a lot in the coming years given All of the space projects in the work That will require humans living and Working in space Using what we've learned in space we Plan on adapting our deployment Mechanism for use in high-risk Terrestrial jobs like chemical plants And mines We chose spaces our beachhead because It's an emerging market so it's easier To enter and we can do the most good There Also having a space proven helmet will Help us differentiate Us in the Industrial safety Market We are constantly building and testing New prototypes but we plan on doing our Final validation testing to go to space Next year and go to market in early 2024. If you would like to join us in being

Part of the future of space feel free to Reach out thank you Thank you very much That was very good Emily thank you Mark Let's start with you with the first Question yeah so Emily well well Presented and what an interesting Business that you have there and so We're investors in people so I'm Interested in your back story what was The Catalyst for you creating this Business how did you lead to that point Yeah so I've been interested in space my Entire life I love space and I was a bit Concerned about the safety of like Commercial launch providers and Obviously we're sending less trained People up and I was like Hey like this Is gonna get dangerous if we don't have Technology to protect them and I was in College at the time and I was like hey I Could just build something better Instead of just being concerned about it So I founded this when I was 20 and in Undergrad and we got grant funding while I was still in school and it's been About four years now Emily Um yeah I have a question just about the The product and the technology and how It works exactly so is that the helmet I Understand it's like a spring mechanism That sort of deploys if there's uh I Seem like a drop in oxygen and a station

Or a shuttle um is is the source of the Oxygen is that something that the the Astronaut would wear or is it more like Centrally located and then there they Walk around with tethers and I'm just Trying to understand like how someone Wears the full product so we're probably Gonna do tank oxygen attached to it Because we have done a lot of interviews With commercial astronauts both like People who've been to space and people Who are going to space yep and the one Thing they keep saying is like it can't Be tethered I want to float around so We're probably going to do a tank we had Looked into like chemical oxygen Generation but obviously that's like Super exothermic and probably a bad idea So cool Task great presentation thank you Help me understand who you're going to Sell this to especially because The existing spacesuits or people who Are companies that are sending people to Space have already designed their own Um so we're targeting suborbital like Commercial like space tourism companies Blue origin Virgin Galactic and that's Our beachhead Um SpaceX is really the only one who Builds their suits in-house everyone Else contracts for it and there's like Only about three companies that will Build you suits so very few actually

Build in-house surprisingly especially For IBA suits Mark do you have another question yeah Absolutely at this presumably Terrestrial Market application for this Um what is it and why wouldn't you start There and then develop into space rather Than you know starting with space and Moving into other markets after yeah so We are starting with space because right Now it's like more of a safety risk and Terrestrial markets are very established And they're very established large Competitors like conglomers we have to Compete against we're a space we can Actually grow with that market and we Can get in now and safety devices are Very sticky so it's kind of like we go Into space and kind of plan to long-term Grow with that market and then pivot Into industrial safety and then kind of Scale in industrial safety so then we're Kind of planning our company for the Next like 50 years We can make a lot of money in like Industrial safety in the next like 10. So there are existing companies that are Making this kind of this kind of Capability to rest really no there isn't I mean we're replacing an emergency Escape respirator but that still Requires you to find and put it on an Emergency so we're just basically Automating an emergency escape

Respirator Um I got a question I was hoping you can Explain where you are in the process of The company have you devote have you Deployed anything yet do you have Customers Um so we're Finishing up our prototyping right now Um kind of where we're at we've been Talking to a lot of people in the Industry and Kind of just Finishing our prototype thing great Thank you Tess Emily oh I was gonna just Say uh the your like your vision of Being the Levi's of space I thought was Very interesting I'm curious like under Uh safety seems like a smart place place To start but I'm curious like what is The biggest version of this company to You like the Levi's face sounds pretty Cool like what other interesting space Apparel and like whether it be for Safety or just like performance or Function like do you envision going into In the future yeah so we want to go we Want to be like the main supplier of Like all space safety like you go to Space for any reason you work in space Where your supplier and then also maybe Move into consumer and like do some fun Things in consumer Um but we're actually working on some Like side projects right now also in

Space so like making a hydrochromatic Suit so like most of the suits right now Are like white or blue and if you bail Out in the ocean you can't see them very Well so we're trying to make a suit that Changes color into like International Safety orange if they hit the water so Then we can rescue them more easily so Then you still have that like style but Then you also have the safety function So I think that's kind of our thesis is Like we wanted to be stylish and we Wanted to be comfortable and look good But we also wanted to be as safe as Humanly possible So that's the last question I was also Going to double click on the product Roadmap of of what's next maybe then you Had on your last Slide the goals you're Hoping to achieve and validation and Quality testing I believe what about Other from a company perspective yeah Team funding Etc Like where are we planning to go or what We're hoping to be a year from today if We were standing back here Um we are raising our seed and um right Now we have about like two people on our Team and we're gonna build that out Hopefully to a lot more Um and after we're done with like space Helmets we're probably gonna move on to Other suits and move on to Industrial Uses because we really want to build out

Our food technology so Yeah great thank you very much Emily Give them a round of applause

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