SparkCharge is a portable charging station for electric vehicles

Sparkcharge wants to make charging electric vehicles simpler.

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[Music] So spark charge we make portable Charging stations for electric vehicles That allow them to have their car Charged anytime and anywhere they want Via any service they want so are you Transporting batteries how exactly does This look in terms of you know and Experience for like a Tesla user or Something yeah so we have a portable Charger that essentially splits into two Pieces the top half is the charger we Charge at a rate of up to 20 kilowatts And the bottom half is the battery and The cool thing about it is that you can Connect these things together like Lego Blocks so our bottom battery is about 3.5 kilowatt hours and you can connect As many as you want together and have it Delivered to you so the end user Experience would be a tussle owner says Hey I’m sitting outside of a Starbucks They take out their phone they push a Button and range comes directly to them Or they’re stranded on the side of the Road they push a button and range comes Directly to them no longer a need to get Towed or worry about how they’re gonna Get their vehicle from point A to point B we’re essentially revolutionising the Way that people think about evie Ownership so we’re removing the where When and how out of actually charging Your electric vehicle solid so I guess

That you know you’ve seen there been a Few gas delivery startups or something And somehow the economics just haven’t Worked out for them what’s different About when you’re working with EB Vehicles yeah so I mean when you think About the unit economics for us I mean Energy is all around us you can Basically recharge our unit via solar so I mean in the in use case you could Actually it could cost you nothing As someone who’s delivering the charge To actually charge an electric vehicle That’s one of the main differences Number two is that you don’t need a tank I mean our unit it’s small its Lightweight its portable it can fit into The trunk of a Prius if you wanted it to You don’t need to bring a lot of Equipment out there to charge the Electric vehicle it’s really opening up A lot of doors for freedom around where And how your Evie gets charged what’s You know what stages company now and Where are you kind of looking in the Next year or so yeah so we’re in the Growth stage right now our goal is to Partner with as many companies that we Can in the next year or so we’ll Probably do a rapid expansion looking to Basically service electric vehicles Outside the United States as well Perfect Josh thanks for coming on stage and

Chatting with us thank you for having me Man I appreciate it happy to be here at TechCrunch

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