Splatoon 3 balance patch should be arriving soon

Foreign [Music] Splatoon 3 balance patch should be Arriving soon listen up kids and Squids While Nintendo hasn't announced the Exact date we should be seeing a balance Update released for Splatoon 3 any day Now Nintendo made mention of dropping a Balance update sometime around the Middle of chill season 2022 and the Exact halfway point of the Season falls On January 14 2023. in other words that Balance update should be right around The corner unfortunately we don't have Any notes on what this update will Include but you can probably guess as to Its focus since this will be a balance Update Nintendo will likely adjust Damage values and more for multiple Weapons along with some tweaks to Various gamma play modes once Nintendo Announces the official date for this Balance patch and shares notes on its Content we'll make sure to bring the Details to you to stay up to date with Latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video Foreign [Music]

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