Spotify DJ: AI-Powered Personalized Music and Commentary with OpenAI Technology

Hey, tech fans!
Today, we’re talking about a new feature on Spotify that’s sure to take your music experience to the next level.
Introducing Spotify DJ, an AI-powered DJ that uses OpenAI technology to generate a playlist that’s tailored to your personal music tastes.
This robotic DJ comes with a stunningly realistic voice that’s sure to impress you.
It’s as if you’re listening to a real human DJ who knows your musical preferences like the back of their hand.
The best part?
It’s available in the U.S.
and Canada starting today for Spotify Premium users.
Now, you might be wondering what makes Spotify DJ different from other personalized-listening features on the app, such as Daily Mix and Discovery Weekly playlists.
Well, it combines Spotify’s personalization technology with generative AI technology from OpenAI (yes, the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot!).
This makes the DJ a one-of-a-kind feature that’s designed to give you insightful facts about the music, artists, or genres you’re listening to.

Foreign [Music] Fans today we're talking about a new Feature on Spotify that's sure to take Your music experience to the next level Introducing Spotify DJ and AI power DJ That uses opinion technology to generate A playlist that's tailored to your Personal music tastes this robotic DJ Comes with a stunningly realistic voice That's sure to impress you it's as if You're listening to a real human DJ who Knows your musical preferences like the Back of their hand the best part it's Available in the US and Canada starting Today for Spotify Premium users now you Might be wondering what makes Spotify DJ Different from other personalized Listening features on the app such as Daily mix and Discovery weekly playlists Well it combines spotify's Personalization technology with Generative AI technology from opanai yes The company behind the chat chapit this Makes the DJ a one-of-a-kind feature That's designed to give you insightful Facts about the music artists or genres You're listening to just like a human DJ Spa spotify's DJ provides ongoing Commentary about the tracks and artists It's playing but what's interesting is That it uses an AI text-to-speech engine From spotify's semantic acquisition last Year to create its voice model Xavier X

Jernigan spotify's head of cultural Partnerships served as the first model For the DJ's voice don't worry though Spotify plans to continue iterating and Innovating with this feature so how does Spotify DJ work based on your music Taste profile the DJ will scan new Releases and resurface songs that you've Had on repeat in the past it constantly Refreshes the lineup based on your Feedback and if you're not feeling the Playlist the DJ has curated you can Always hit the DJ button to skip to the Next genre mood in a tweet spotify's Chief R and D officer Gustav soderstrom Described the new feature as a Generative expressive and realistic aidj That delivers a personalized lineup of Music and commentary to each user for All those times you don't know exactly What you want to hear so are you ready To try Spotify DJ simply go to your Music feed on home in the Spotify mobile App on your iOS or Android device Tap Play on the DJ card and you're good to Go get ready to enjoy personalized music And commentary from your very own AI Power DJ and don't forget to hit the DJ Button to switch up the genre mood it's All about creating the perfect Music Experience for you [Music]

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