Square Enix’s New Farming Game Lets You Choose Non-Binary Pronouns

Square Enix’s New Farming Game Lets You Choose Non-Binary Pronouns.
It shouldn’t be a big ask from gamers to have more gender-inclusive pronoun options in a video game, especially in RPGs.
One producer at Square Enix thinks helping gamers feel welcome by including non-binary pronouns is such a small ask that it was a no-brainer to have it be a part of his new game.
The game in question is the cutesy farming simulator Harvestella, which RPG giant Square Enix just released yesterday on PC and Switch.
Similar to Stardew Valley, characters in Harvestella are charged with tending to crops, befriending their neighbours, and overcoming calamity in the form of environmental disasters.
Harvestella, Eurogamer pointed out today, features a character creator that offers players the option to choose male, female, or non-binary pronouns.
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In an Eurogamer interview with, producer Daisuke Taka said he thinks it is “completely normal” for games to include a non-binary option for players.

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