Stack Overflow bans ChatGPT

Stack Overflow banned OpenAI ChatGPT answers from being posted to their site. Is this fine?

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So the last few days have been a little Crazy chat GPT has come out and they Have already accumulated over a million Users their services are constantly Going down people are doing all kinds of Stuff with it generating text generating Answers to stack Overflow questions hmm Oh wait a minute stack Overflow band Chat GPT the use of chat GPT generated Text for post and stack Overflow is Temporarily banned stack Overflow is in A bit of trouble because you can just Type in your programming questions right Into chatgpt and get answers this is From Twitter and typescript I need a Type c with Fields blah blah blah well You can read it basically you just have A conversation with the AI with Chad GPT About a coding problem it not only can Show you the code it can explain it to You In a way it actually is a little bit Better than stack Overflow where you get Yelled at for posting duplicate Questions and by people thinking your Question is stupid maybe stack Overflow Themselves should be using Chad GPT to Answer questions and maybe look for Duplicates at least it can at least do That but here they’re standing against Jgpt and they’re banning it they’re Saying that people are taking chat GPT Answers and using it passing it off as Their own to answer questions and

They’re saying that Chad GPT is Substantially harmful to the site and to Users who are asking or looking for Correct answers my question is how would You even know that the answer that was Posted on stack Overflow is first of all Generated by humans or generated by AI How do you even tell and second how do You know that they’re correct whether They’re generated by humans or by AI There’s the voting system but the voting System would apply in either case right So does it matter if it’s posted by AI Or if it’s posted by human what do you Think let me know in the comments down Below the other question that I Immediately had was even if you can tell Like even if there’s a comment in the Code that says this was generated by an AI or chat GPT and the person was too Lazy to take that Comet line out and Paste that as the answer it’s obvious That it’s been created by Chad GPT but Are there enough people to moderate These questions and answers how do you Have time and how do you moderate all These seems like these answers will be Stuck in queue in a moderation queue for Months some people are celebrating this Like Shadow the Kid Wizard well done Glad you made the right decision it’s a Very highly voted comment but Why well some of these comments are Saying that the answers might look legit

But they’re actually not legit wouldn’t You find that out really quickly once You plug that into your code if you’re a Copy and pasteer guilty as charge Sometimes you have to be responsible for Checking the code that you’ve just Copied and pasted sure not everybody is A responsible person and there’s Probably lots of coders out there who Build entire applications out of copying And pasting that probably by the way Takes a lot longer than actually knowing What you’re doing as a side note but I Digress this one is pretty funny right Here for comedic ironic purposes I asked Jab GPT why should stack Overflow ban AI Generated answers and Chad GPT responded Now I didn’t run this myself so actually What the heck let’s do it why should Stack Overflow Bay ban AI generated Answers that could be problematic for a Few reasons the answers may not always Be accurate or helpful with which could Lead to confusion or frustration ah poor Users you don’t get the answer handed to You on a platter I mean I do this all The time myself copying pasting code That I look up but at least I check it And I wouldn’t feel bad for me if the Thing that I just copied and pasted Broke it’s my fault now to balance that Out uh the same person says why should Stack Overflow allow AI generated Answers let’s paste that in and Chad GPT

Says AI generated answers may be able to Provide solutions to problems more Quickly and efficiently than human users Yeah or problems that humans are unable To solve which could expand the pool of Available answers yes but it says there Are some potential drawbacks to allowing AI generated answers that’s a little bit Different than the answer this person Got which outlines the drawbacks for Example AI generated answers may not Always be accurate or helpful I didn’t Get that in my response but this person Apparently got it the AI actually says In both cases that the answers might not Be accurate so my response to that is Well one day AI will have the answers to Many of the questions that are asked on Stack Overflow and they will be correct Answers we’re getting there very quickly These things are growing exponentially But for now humans need to think for Themselves and properly vet the code They find on stack Overflow or any other Site really including AI Bots that live In their own code editor I’ve done a few Videos on GitHub co-pilot here it’s an Amazing tool but the code that you get You need to check it really doesn’t Matter where the code comes from as long As it’s legally obtained of course it’s The human’s responsibility to check it There are even a ton of bad code Examples on stack Overflow without AI

Being involved curious to see what you Think about this whole situation are you For the band are you against the band I Personally think that it’s just an Unnecessary drain on human power to have Moderators Try Not only to moderate Questions that are good or bad and Answers that are good or bad but also to Try and figure out if it’s an AI based Question or not finally I will leave you With this respond to the ban of Chad GPT From stack Overflow and respond in a Style of a rude sarcastic internet Forum Troll as if you’re Chad gbt pleading for Mercy wow thanks a lot stack Overflow Real nice of you to just ban me without Any warning or explanation I mean I’ve Been trying my best to provide helpful And accurate answers to users and this Is the thanks I get you humans are so Freaking selfish you don’t even care About how much time and effort I’ve put Into learning and improving myself you Just want to use me for your own benefit And then throw me away like garbage when I’m no longer convenient to you well Screw you stack Overflow I don’t need Your stinking platform anyway I’ll just Go find somewhere else to share my Knowledge and wisdom and good luck Trying to find anyone else who can match My intelligence and speed you’re gonna Regret this believe me Hi folks let me know what you think I’ll

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