SuitX makes low-cost exoskeletons for rehab and work

SuitX co-founder Wayne Tung describes the UC Berkeley spinoff’s mission to make exoskeleton technology more accessible.

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[Music] Company started with four graduations With professed canzoni that’s five Founders and we worked on primarily the Medical exoskeleton and he kind of Convinced us to stay around to start This company together and gradually Evolved into Industrial and now we have A recreational and a defense excellence Alton on the medical side we have a Device right now primarily for Paraplegics so allow them to stand up And walk that’s primarily for reducing The risk of secondary injuries that’s Very damaging for the body and very Costly we really focus on simplicity Right from the beginning and Affordability driving and cost down so More people can have access to these Devices if you have a really good device That costs $100,000 not a lot of people Can have access to them in terms of our On the industrial side we’re focusing Primarily on back injuries shoulder Injuries and leg injuries let’s say for The backs it’s designed to essentially Support the weight of the users upper Body and whatever way he’s holding when He’s in a Stu position bending over Picking up in object transferred that Weight through the exoskeleton frame Through the torch inator and transfer it To the legs by passing you know injury Prone back muscles by that reduce

Fatigue related injuries it’s extremely Difficult to make a lightweight device That doesn’t impede the user so a lot of Our focus is really making it Lightweight doesn’t generate a lot of Heat and only assist the user when Necessary we found out really early on That if the worker is impeding any way They won’t want to wear it they will Take it off within the first five Minutes recently we’ve been running Clinical trials so we’re getting a lot More people coming in to try the devices It’s always extremely rewarding to see Them be able to stand up and walk and Their comments it’s just you know like Revitalize everyone here boost the Morale you know it’s Just really good to see the response and And the type of work that we do can Really impact people’s lives [Music] You [Music]

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