Taking a ride on the VanMoof Electrified X2

A couple of months ago, we took a VanMoof electric-bike for a test ride in Paris. While there are a ton of electric-bikes in the streets of Paris, the VanMoof Electrified X2 looks like no other. The frame is a single piece of aluminum that looks futuristic. On the handlebar, you’re not going to find any speed as the bike has an integrated automatic speed hub — motor assistance kicks in automatically when you need it the most. And when you press the boost button, you get an extra burst of acceleration.

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It’s the first electric bike from Vanmoof world widely available to more People below 1 meter 70 that’s what we Believe in making bikes for the city and Bikes that are city proof so you pair The bike with your phone and what can You do with it afterward you can decide Whether you want the lights always on Always off automated decide what kind of Alarm you want decide if you want to Have an unlock system that can be just Run pressure of your thumb on the frame Of the bike and then you can unlock the Bike so you can decide all that you set Up the bag the way you want it many People living in cities are concerned About getting the bike stolen what Happens if my bike gets stolen for Instance the bike might let himself get Stolen Whenever the armed system is activated The rear wheel is locked so you cannot Move the bike easily and if you try to Move the bike and a long system is gonna Go off first as a warning to the thief And then for three minutes non-stop Trying to get help from people around if Despite that the bike gets stolen we Have an offer that’s called peace of Mind the peace of mind open makes us Responsible for finding the bike so we Are gonna be the one that are gonna go And retrieve the bike for you and if we Can’t retrieve the bike for you within

Two weeks we get you a new one you’ve Been around for quite a few years now do You still see yourself as a starter for A normal bike maker I really think that Vanmoof is a start up the way we do Things the way we try to innovate also The way we try to do bikes is definitely A start right We’re not doing bikes the way other bike Manufacturers are doing I think we’re Always trying to go find answers in our Users day to day life which someone is Sometimes sorry is not only up to the Bike but to more system smart features Offers and and and so on does it mean Designing a lot of stuff in the house Compared to bringing parts from like top Of the shelf parts or whatever yeah Definitely so 80% of the parts on our Bikes are designed by ourselves For example the gears on some of our Bikes are made with with partners that Trust in but for a lot of the different Parts there’s basically no one that can Do what we really want to do because we Have a very unique view on the things we Want to do so sometimes and most of the Time that means that we have to develop And build the parts ourselves even that You can unlock bikes with a phone have You ever looked at the scooters and Free-floating a sort of service that Operates the fleet a fleet of bikes that You can unlock with your phone grab go

From point A to point B and leave it Here we’re startups I want to say Everything’s possible in our future I Think right now do you really really Want to focus on what we like to do and What we know to do which is bikes Definitely not to service necessarily Not a service necessary whatever we find Relevant around bikes yeah and how much Do they cost So 3398 euros only two frames but one Model same motor same equipment Everything’s the same on both base [Music]

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