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When you need tech tips for teachers, the Internet is a great source to turn to. There are numerous sites that offer useful information and tips, and the list below should help you find the one that’s right for you. These sites range from tech magazines to online blogs to social networking sites. All are great for teachers looking for some extra advice on how to use technology in their classroom.


MakeUseOf is one of the top tech tips sites on the internet. This site is full of interesting tips and tidbits about gadgets and internet use. You can find articles on everything from DIY to gaming to money. If you are an online enthusiast, this site will be right up your alley. The problem is that the articles are often unintelligible.

However, this site does have its share of fun. In addition to the usual tech tips, it also offers downloads and websites. Aside from being a great source of information, it is also a great way to get some free stuff. Some of their best articles have been featured in publications like Forbes and CNN. Besides, the free stuff is usually pretty cool.

The site also has a blog that features a lot of the same type of information. For instance, they have a PDF manuals project. There’s also a daily buggle. And if you’re a Mac user, you’ll love this feature.

MakeUseOf is a great website to go to if you’re looking for a fun way to spend some of your free time. They also have a few cool features that aren’t found on most other tech news sites.

Komando Community

Whether you’re a seasoned tech buff or a relative newbie, chances are you have come across Kim Komando, the world’s biggest tech guru. He’s the author of several best-selling books and a self-proclaimed keynote speaker at a tech convention or two. With over 30 years of tech experience under his belt, he’s got an impressive list of techie accolades to his name. In addition to being an avid geek, Kim is also a bit of a philanthropist. As a result, he has established the Kim Komando Foundation, a non-profit aimed at educating consumers on the importance of technology. The foundation has a number of free tools and resources to help consumers get a leg up on the competition.


If you are looking for the latest gadget news and tech tips, Gizmodo is one site you should consider. But, it’s not the only place to find this kind of information. Other sites like Mashable and TechCrunch offer similar content.

Gizmodo is owned by G/O Media, which also publishes the humor and satire website The Onion and the sports news site Deadspin. They have editorial teams in the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Their focus is technology and science. That’s why you’ll find articles covering smartphone reviews, software reviews, and other types of technology.

In September 2011, Gizmodo had 8 million unique visitors. Its rival, Engadget, had under 10 million. Both websites generate about $6,500 in revenue monthly. A venture capitalist estimated that the two sites were each worth $30 million to $50 million. And, Gizmodo is still free.

Gizmodo was originally founded as a blog by Peter Rojas, who was chasing tech news. It later became part of the Gawker Media network. Eventually, he left and started Engadget. He wanted to share equity in the site with Nick Denton, who is now the owner.

Gizmodo has a science and entertainment section as well as a “Review” section, where readers can read up on different gadgets. In addition, they have a science fiction subsite called io9.


Mashable is a technology tips website that is considered to be one of the top tech blogs in the world. The site provides users with a comprehensive range of information on everything from gadgets to science to entertainment. It’s also a source of useful tech tutorials.

Mashable began as a personal blog in 2005. Pete Cashmore, founder and sole author of the site, was just 19 years old at the time. He conceived the idea in his room in Scotland while he was still living with his parents.

Although it was launched as a blog, the company soon expanded to a news site. Eventually, the site would have an editorial team of 43 employees.

During the height of Mashable’s popularity, the site attracted millions of visitors every month. But eventually, the site’s traffic slowed down.

After receiving a venture capital investment in 2014, Mashable’s growth picked up. Eventually, Mashable attracted more than 20 million unique visitors each month. This included an increase in social media followers.

However, the site’s real strength was its style of content. The website used infographics, videos, and other visual media to make articles more engaging.

At the same time, Mashable’s editorial team kept up with the latest trends. While it wasn’t as popular as BuzzFeed, the site was considered a notable player in the tech world.


Online Tech Tips is a site dedicated to tech related tips, tricks and innovations. This site’s motto is “make tech easier.” It has been around for a few years and has garnered about 30,000 visitors a month. The site has some nifty features. For instance, the site’s home page features a cool translate function, a cool e-mail gizmo and a cool categories column.

A recent study found that more than 80 percent of the site’s traffic came from search engines. Although Online Tech Tips is located in Dallas, Texas, its membership is scattered across the United States and United Kingdom. One of its many accomplishments is that it offers free technical support to its customers. As a result, the site has been able to retain its users and provide them with a better working experience.

Some of the site’s more impressive feats include the fact that its homepage contains the latest technology news and reviews, including the latest consumer electronics and gadgets. Other noteworthy accomplishments include its plethora of online tutorials and guides to help aspiring techies achieve their goals. On top of that, the company has made a splash in the sphere of freelance and part-time jobs.


TechCrunch is an online tech tips site that is owned by Verizon Media Group. It provides information on technology, gadgets, business and entertainment. It also hosts the annual TechCrunch Disrupt technology conference in several cities in the U.S.

When it was launched in 2005, the website focused on startup companies and the Silicon Valley. However, it was soon expanded to include all types of tech. Today, it provides breaking news about technology and its effect on the society.

With a dedicated readership, the site has gained popularity among engineers, industrialists and investors. It also has a podcast.

In addition to providing tips, the site is a leading source for emerging startups and venture capital funding rounds. It is considered as one of the largest online communities for developers. The website also includes products review, mobile software download categories, and PC software download categories.

One of the reasons why the site has been able to grow so fast is because of its innovative approach. For example, the publisher integrated Oracle Bluekai to help it gain insight on the audience behavior and to develop ad campaigns.

The publisher also introduced the TechCrunch Chatbot to help users subscribe to the most popular topics. Aside from this, the site offers many podcasts.

Leah Peterson’s Tech Tips for Teachers

If you’re looking for tech tips for teachers, you’ll want to check out Leah Peterson’s blog. She’s a teacher who has been blogging for over a decade and has a lot of great tips for educators to share. Her blog is a part of World Education, which also has a blog for adult educators.

The main idea of Leah’s blog is to teach teachers how to make use of the latest technologies, such as iPads and smartphones, to improve their education. She also shares a variety of projects that can help you get started with digital literacy. You can find a range of free resources, including eBooks, at her site.

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