TechCrunch – Netflix lists rules and exemptions to prevent account sharing outside household

It's the news none of us want but we all Need to hear Netflix has now begun Releasing details about how they plan to Crack down on password sharing and limit Netflix account usage to one household Netflix is asking users to Define their Primary location or a household based on Their television and whatever Wi-Fi Their TV is connected to anybody who Wants to use Netflix within that Household has to be connected to the Same Wi-Fi that the TV is connected to If users don't set up a primary location Or don't have a TV Netflix will Automatically assign them a primary Location based on IP address device IDs And activity after that you will need to Log into your Netflix account on each Device and watch something from your Primary location at least once every 31 Days to maintain that you still do live In that household you will still be able To use Netflix outside of your house by Requesting temporary codes but if you Are looking to use it for an extended Period of time outside of your household Like it's going to cost you literally

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