Teebike turns any bike into an electric bike

Teebike is a new French startup that wants to make it easier to switch from a good old sweat-based bike to an electric bike. With Teebike, you don’t have to get rid of your existing bike and buy a new one. You just have to replace the front wheel. The device detects when you’re on the move and a small electric motor kicks in. As a bonus, you can also lock the front wheel and enable an anti-theft alarm with the smartphone app.

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[Music] She baked is a connected front wheel That turns any bike into an electric Bike just by changing your will we Really wanted to have a bike that is the Most simple possible to be installed on Every bike everything is inside here Actually so you don’t have any cable to Install so you are able to do it by Yourself even if you are not very Technical or anything and how did you Come up with the idea in the first place To replace a front wheel seems pretty Different from what’s out there when it Comes to bikes Well the ADA comes from law which is the Co-founder it was traveling in China and He discovered huge symmetries of bikes Because two years ago over there they Develop a huge offer are free 14 bikes Come foo and blueberry exactly and it Didn’t work As well as they expected so they throw Everything away and he saw that and he Was like that’s not happening it can be Like this because actually a bike Usually is made forever we should be Able to find a solution to give a new Life to any bike if we don’t use it as We were supposed to use it and what I Really wanted to do is create something That is accessible to everybody and how Does it detect that you are trying to go Faster and that the matter should kick

In right now to help you move even Faster well it works on the gyroscopic System you have sensors and when they Detects the move as long as you are up To 5 kilometers is going to start the Engine and when you go and so 25 Kilometers and it stops so you talked About an app as well can you talk about The smart features behind the front Wheel and what you can do with it it’s a Very simple application you have three Different levels if you press stop the Engine is just going to stop and you go Back to the bike you’re used to and you Also can have this feature which is a Boost feature and which can help you to Start over when you are at me Stop or maybe with your on a steep road It can help you to start again so you Just have to press it and then the wall Is going to to start by itself in by Itself yeah how does it work if Something breaks down in France we have A partnership with some people we can Come to your place and try to repair it Which is called secure fix but if you’re Not in France we actually take back the World we repair it and we send it back To you and if it takes a little bit more Time we send a new bike a new will for You waiting for the the time for the Your will to be ready Excellent so obviously you’re targeting People who don’t already have an

Electric bike are you trying to make it More affordable than replacing your Entire bike what’s the pricing it costs 750 euros it is eligible for French People to probably AIDS that can help You to get an electric bike and what we Wanted to do and that’s very important For us is to tell people if you have a Bike you don’t have to get rid of this Bike to get an electric bike you can Actually have both with just this front Wheel [Music] [Music]

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