Teenage Engineering’s Latest Musical Toy is a $2,000 Collection of Singing Wooden Dolls

Teenage Engineering’s Latest Musical Toy is a $2,000 Collection of Singing Wooden Dolls.
It’s now all but impossible to predict what Teenage Engineering’s next musical contraption will be.
As the company has started to extend its design prowess to other products, like the Playdate handheld, it seems more comfortable getting experimental with its own hardware, as is evident by this collection of wooden dolls that can ‘sing’ individually, or as part of a larger, expensive choir.
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The last major release from Teenage Engineering was the PO-80 Record Factory : a very non-digital music toy that can actually be used to cut and produce five-inch, lo-fi vinyl records.
Before that, it was a six-channel handheld mixer called the TX-6 with an impressively small footprint but an unfortunately hefty $US1,200 (they are not yet available in Australia) price tag.
There’s no denying that Teenage Engineering’s talented designers are having fun and churning out the kind of hardware they want to play with, but we’re left scratching our heads as to who these singing wooden dolls are for.

How Drones Are Being Used For Delivery Services

There’s a big buzz surrounding technology companies using drones for delivery related services. Some companies even claim to have started implementing and testing these services. Whatever is the case, most of the time this idea is looked upon as merely a fantasy not ready to be fulfilled soon enough. Let us have a look at what the real prospects of using drones as delivery services are.

How Does UAV Software Help in Making Drones More Powerful and Worthwhile?

Drones, officially known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are powerful on their own when all they consist of is a high-resolution camera and a GPS. When these machines come equipped with a software application, it greatly aids the users in collecting more accurate data and optimizing workflow productivity. Nowadays a complete range of products and solutions is made available to expert UAV users who are flying these machines not just for having fun or capturing beautiful aerial images but also for growing their business and advancing in their industry.

Economical Drone Rental Services

Not everyone wants to buy a drone. Many do not want to get into the hassle of storing it safely and maintaining it. Several companies have used this fact to their advantage and have offered drones for rent for a specified time. The prices and the models vary. So do the time allowed. Following are listed some of the companies offering economical prices for drone rental services.

Drone Racing Technology and the Future of the Sport

Many people know drones as sophisticated weapons to be used only in war zones. But this is not the case anymore. The use of drones from military purposes has expanded. Drones are now extensively used for commercial as well as personal purposes. Some drone users have taken it to the next level. These fun loving drone users use their drones to race each other. They have made it a matter of pride and a way to check who owns the better drone. This has resulted in the arrangement of dedicated tournaments related to drones with high prize money. Usually drones are equipped with 4 motors and usually of the configuration of “X” or “+”, but in this particular case, the configuration which is being implemented is of the form of alphabet “H” so as to accomplish forward movement not the upward thrust as in the case of delivery or photography drones.

Drone Parts and Components

Drones are becoming more and more autonomous and easier for drone owners to control. There are some fundamental components all drone owners should be familiar with, which keep the drone in the air. Some people opt to construct their drones themselves instead of purchase a ready made drone, which often reduces the costs. This article will cover the basic parts of a fully functional drone and their functionality.

Advantages of Renting a Drone Versus Buying One

We’re living in a technological boom where every day we’re learning about a new development. Sometimes you encounter a new technology which is more sophisticated and helps you get your work done faster and/or more efficiently. Technology is becoming more so as it is shown in the tech savvy fiction films where the machines have their own brains. Drones are a modern marvel that have impressed not only the military but have also captured the imagination of the common people too.There are many people who would like to buy a drone for themselves but these aerial vehicles come at a premium price. This is why you have to weigh various pros and cons before you get to the stage of buying a drone. You may like to have a reception party and capture those precious moments at angles and heights that look amazing. If you have money to spend then you could buy a drone for your personal usage. However, like most people, if your spending budget is low then it is better to rent a drone instead.

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning How to Fly A Drone

Drones are the hottest topic going around the tech world these days and everyone is trying to get their hands on one of them. Whether you are a professional photographer who wants to take your business up a notch or you are a hobbyist looking for some, it’s important that you learn how to fly a drone the right way. Although they are quite small in size it isn’t easy to fly these aerial vehicles. This article focuses on the key things to know when flying your drone.

7 Key Improvements Being Made to Drone Technology

Ever since drone technology has been introduced in the market, it has captured the imagination of people belonging to different sectors. From the armed forces to the real estate businesses to sports, drones have found applications almost every sector. However, even with the amazing success of drones, people have identified the need for continual improvement if these aerial vehicles are to realize their true potential. This is the reason why scientists and tech experts all over the world are trying to make improvements and upgrades to the existing drone technology to iron out its flaws. The following are some of the areas of the drones in which improvements are being made.

5 Tips for New (And Existing) Drone Owners

In 2015, the market of drones amounted to one quarter of a billion dollars. In 2020, it is expected to rise to $1.75 billion. By 2024, it will be a 3 billion dollar industry. And these facts, figures and predictions are keeping in mind civilians only. The military spending on the drones has not been included. This shows the popularity of the drones and how they are to soon become every household’s commodity. We vehemently advocate safety when flying and this article discusses regulations and best practices for flying. So, let me elucidate the five major things to be known before buying a drone.

The Best Drones For Every Skill Level and The Best Places To Purchase Them

Drones are steadily becoming popular. Starting first for military purposes, their applications are increasing day by day ranging from wildlife research to disaster relief and live coverage of events etc. Whether archaeological sites need to be surveyed, crop damage needs to be taken into account or wild storms need to be carefully monitored at a very close distance, the services of drones are availed extensively. So much so, Google and Amazon are working to deliver day to day items using drones to its customers.

Best Reviewed Drones by Brand, Price and Skill Level

Drone manufacturers and models are popping up every day, each with their unique features and capabilities. Drones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their price starts from a few hundreds and goes up to several thousands. With the increase in options arises the question as to which drones are best for your unique needs and most recommended to buy. Today I’m going to discuss some best drones which you can buy according to your budget.

4 Ways Of Taking Care Of Your USB Flash Drive

If you have a USB flash drive you need to take good care of it to prevent loss of data and damage of your appliance. To help you out, here are tips on how to take good care of your USB drive: Protect it from moisture, cold and heat – Just like other mechanical devices, flash drives don’t respond well when submerged in water or exposed to extreme temperatures. It’s common for people to put drives in the pockets of their pants and shirts. While this provides convenience, the heat from your body can create moisture which might condense in the drive thus causing corrosion and damage to the electronic components located inside.

5 Benefits Of Fiber Optic Cables

While fiber optic cables have been around for long, many people don’t know much about them. If you have been hearing about fiber optics and know little about them, here are the benefits that come with the units: You are able to transmit information over long distances – Basic systems send information over a distance of 5 km to 80 km. Fiber optics on the other hand transmit information digitally where the information is repeated and regenerated indefinitely. This makes it possible for you to transmit the information to almost any distance that you would like. Repetition and regeneration of the signal is made possible by the electro-optical repeater or an erbium doped fiber amplifier.

Best Drones for Beginner Pilots

Drones or UAVs have become a common sighting nowadays. These aerial vehicles can be seen in the sky doing all sorts of work like photography, inspections and even food deliveries. With the drones becoming so integrated in our lives, it is no wonder that more and more people are coming around to the idea of getting one for their personal use. However, a drone is really not a play toy as some people might think it to be. It is a sophisticated device that needs to be controlled properly or it can cause a great deal of damage. This is why it is important that beginners choose a basic drone first and get use to it before buying something more advanced.

An Overview of UAV Hardware Components and Software

Drones are a complex amalgamation of mechanics, hardware and software. Many drone users are not aware of the inner systems that combine to form a drone. Nor are they aware of the individual workings of the components. Today I will discuss the different drone components and provide an overview of the different components needed to run a drone

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