Tempo Studio Review

With its sophisticated form-tracking and rep-counting software, challenging on-demand and live classes, and excellent trainers, the Tempo Studio is the best smart strength training machine we’ve tested.

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If you’re in the market for a smart home Gym the $1,995 tempo studio is Definitely worth your consideration Suited for everyone from beginners to Advanced lifters it uses 3d sensors and Artificial intelligence technology to Suggest the appropriate weight you Should be lifting for each move count Your reps record your pace and range of Motion and offer real-time feedback About your form to keep you safe it has An attractive easel like design with a 42 inch screen a cabinet on the bottom Or you can store the included weights And hooks on the back where you can hang Your dumbbells and barbells it offers Live and on-demand classes with Knowledgeable motivating instructors Tempo is mostly geared towards strength Training but it’s library also includes A wide range of high-intensity interval Training mobility cardio and recovery Classes it takes up three square feet on Your floor but you need five feet clear In front of it it’s important that you Have enough space because you need to Place your mat five feet away from the Tempo horizontally for its motion sensor To track your movements it features a 3d Time-of-flight motion sensor that emits Pulses of infrared light 30 times a Second then measures the amount of time It takes that light to travel back using This data it generates a 3d model of

Your body made up of 80,000 in the Points to the system you look like an Unrecognizable computerized skeleton Made up of dots and then tracks 25 of Your joints comparing where they are in Relation to each other to determine Which exercise you’re doing and whether You’re doing it correctly when you’re Doing a bicep curl for instance your Wrists point will move as you lift the Weight up towards your shoulders but Your elbow point should stay in place if The system notices your elbow point has Moved it will offer feedback on the Screen while you’re working out it shows Your reps paced range of motion and Heart rate on the screen in real-time on The right side of the screen there’s a Leaderboard and you can toggle between Rankings for volume lifted and reps Tempo adjusts its weight recommendations Based on your performance so if you’re Missing your rep target it might lower Its weight recommendations and if you’re Exceeding your rep target it might tell You to bump your weight up as someone Who enjoys working out tempo is Addicting in less than two weeks I’ve Already logged 16 classes during which I Burned more than 2000 calories and Lifted more than 32,000 pounds temples Forum feedback is incredibly helpful I do squats all the time so I know that Your knees are not supposed to go past

Your toes when you’re performing them But I still find myself making that Mistake when I start getting fatigued During a challenging workout and tempo Has called me out for it I usually stick with the machines at the Gym and I’m somewhat intimidated by the Free weights Temples AI software and excellent Trainers are teaching me how to lift Safely while pushing me to achieve more Than I even thought I was capable of I Leave every strength training workout on Tempo feeling strong and proud of myself You [Music]

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