Tesla-Powered Can-Am Is The Ultimate Electric Dune-Destroyer

Foreign [Music] Tesla-powered Can-Am is the ultimate Electric Doom Destroyer swadley has Detailed the build on his Instagram feed And it's well worth trolling through his Various posts if you're interested in This unique creation crafting something As special as this requires special Parts but thankfully aftermarket Specialists such as unplugged Performance and nav West exist swadley Notes the battery-powered Dune Basher Features a cage and doors that were Built by SDR Motorsports SDR Motorsports So many people have complimented the Cage he wrote in one of his posts Finally the rear trailing arms and Brakes were supplied by Extreme Performance it's clearly been a lengthy Process but the build is seemingly Complete my brother Dale and I drove for Half a day in the dunes not being nice To the car and came out put it on the Trailer at 53 sock impressive Considering that the vehicle has been Driven hard with little effort to Conserve range to stay up to date with Latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video Video [Music]

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