Test Run: Trying Out the New $2,495 Peloton Tread

The latest Peloton Tread is smaller and more affordable than the existing Tread+. After running on both smart treadmills, we have some early thoughts on which model is the better buy.

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– As a smart fitness
junkie with poor patience, Peloton’s decision To push back the new Tread’s
U.S. launch nearly two months, To May 27th, was a bit of a bummer. So while I wait for my review unit, I did what any good
fitness fanatic would do: I hit the road to find the new Tread. I traveled to Peloton’s showroom At the international mall in Tampa, A 35 minute drive from home. What excites me most About the new Tread are
its size and its price. And those are also its two
biggest differentiators compared To the original model. The original, which was
first called the Tread But has since been renamed
the Tread+, is massive. Peloton says the new Tread
is smaller than most sofas. After testing both models
at Peloton’s Tampa showroom, I discovered some other
significant differences Between the two. Aside from its size and price, The Tread’s running belt
is its main difference From the Tread+. The Tread+ features a
shock-absorbing slat belt While the new Tread
has a traditional belt. The shock-absorbing slat belt is supposed To be easier on your joints Though when I tested both
models at Peloton’s showroom I couldn’t tell much of a
difference between the two. Both were comfortable to run and walk on. A store associate told me
that customers with knee or Hip issues often say they find
the Tread+ more comfortable. People without such problems, Like me, typically
cannot feel a difference.

So, if you do happen to
suffer from joint issues You might be better served by the Tread+. While I found the Tread and the Tread+ To be fairly equal in terms of comfort, I noticed a difference in
how much noise they make. The Tread is quieter than the Tread+. When running on it All you really hear, aside from
the audio from the speakers, Is the sound of your own feet. Conversely, you can hear
the motor in the Tread+ And it gets louder the faster you go. I was seriously impressed By the audio quality from both machines. When I first started
working out on the Tread Its clear, crisp audio was
the first thing I noticed. At maximum volume, The Tread filled Peloton’s
Tampa showroom with sound. I almost felt bad turning
it all the way up, Worried I would disturb other mall-goers. The Tread has a small tray in the middle With enough room for a water
bottle, a towel, and a phone, But its streamlined design
doesn’t offer any other storage. The Tread+, on the other
hand, has a larger tray That’s big enough to fit
an iPad or even a laptop. I expect to receive my test unit shortly After the new Tread launches, So stay tuned. And if there’s anything
specific you want me To address in the review,
leave it in the comments below.

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