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OpenAI recently came out with an AI text generator called ChatGPT, that absolutely kills the market of blog writers. It generates amazingly coherent text – and gives you beautiful summaries of topics that you requested. But how good does it do with coding? Especially creative coding? Let’s test some Artificial Intelligence!


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Today’s topic is chat GPT it just came Out it’s a new project by open Ai and What it can do is some magical things And I’m telling you magical because it’s Really blowing everyone’s minds and the Thing is you prompted to write you a Piece of text write you a script uh Write you a Blog about any subject or Explain something in simple terms and It’s able to do that in a matter of Seconds and it actually makes absolute Sense and it does it really really well [Music] Thank you What’s up everyone my name is Philip and I cannot Center a div thank you Underscore underscore Kb99 for that comment if you guys want To uh be shouted out and have me say Something stupid at the beginning of the Video uh make sure you go over to my Instagram and just stay up to date Because I will be asking you guys to Post those comments and enter this Little competition that I run for every Video I had this idea that well if it Can write blogs and text what about if I Tell it to code some stuff so we’re Going to put it to the test today and Essentially I’m going to ask it to code Um something that I come up with random Uh in p5.js it’s essentially like a Creative library that creates like

Scenes and animations and art Um I’m curious if it knows how to do That and then we’ll see if we can Improve it Um so without any further Ado let’s Actually jump into into doing this so Um okay so code I don’t know and let’s keep it fairly Simple code a sunset uh In p5.js Okay and it’s thinking And I really really hope it’s actually Going to come up with something because There’s so many people using uh the chat GPT feature right now that it’s Struggling to sustain it just any amount Oh and oh What the hell what Wow Wow Did This would take like someone who knows P5.js I don’t know like 15 minutes to code if they actually Thought about it and then actually did It and what we waited 15 seconds and it Just magically gave you the whole code I I’m curious if it’s going to work though So let’s copy it and paste into the Playground Okay so it gave me a a at the sun on a Pink background Um but nothing is happening so okay so We can actually add things so it

Actually changes Um the code a little bit so Um make the sun move from east to to West make the sun actually rather than Move I’m going to say set from east to West It’s like the anticipation of waiting Will it actually understand what I mean And will it be able to produce something At least oh and without it taking too Long or just crushing on me because it’s Just so hyped right now come on open AI I believe in your powers Oh come on come on maybe I should have Said move not set maybe it’s having Trouble with this but it should it Should understand that it oh oh Did it actually here’s some sample code That shows the sun setting from east to West using Okay okay so it added Something uh let’s just paste it in Okay so it’s actually moving from left To right right now Um so that’s not that much of an Improvement Oh it let’s just try something Different I’m bored of the sunset now Um let’s do uh code two little stick man No actually code not little Stickman but Code two Stickman Um we have tiny swords in p5.js While we wait what you guys should do is [Music] Wow okay I’m sorry I’m gonna stop here

Because I’m just too curious uh and then I’ll say what I was supposed to say Um Okay well this is uh This definitely needs a little Improvement it’s uh it’s not not Impressing me that much Um here I was thinking yeah we’re gonna Be able to replace developers blah blah Blah and suddenly I’m not getting uh I’m Not getting much here Um okay maybe we should try something Else maybe we should um Reset This Thread and try Um okay code A3 and p5.js let’s try that That should be simple it should be Instant anyway what I was saying as we Wait is that if you have any suggestions Make sure you drop them in the comments And once the hype is over and this is Actually a little faster and more Optimized as open AI say they were going To do I’ll take all your suggestions and We’ll put them into here and we’ll try And improve them and see how far we can Actually get and here we have a very Simple tree and I believe this should Actually work unless it gives me Foreign Okay I mean I didn’t expect much I expected a little Bit more uh for sure Okay well uh give give the tree some Colors

And it’s probably just gonna give it two Colors oh come on I was I was hoping [Music] Um it will be a little better than that Um Come on There we go there we go there we go it’s Producing okay it literally just filled The two rectangles so it’s not going to Change anymore Then just give give these a color Okay anyway like I said drop your Comments in the description of what You’d like to me to test with uh chat GPT and I’ll create a video in a few Days if there’s enough comments and as Always I will see you guys in the next One bye Foreign

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