Testing ChatGPT!

What should I ask this AI?

This is ChatGPT, which was released this week by OpenAI and is based on their language model GPT-3. It allows you to chat with an AI. We’re still learning about what it can do, so let’s ask it questions and see how it responds.

I made a longer episode about OpenAI’s image generator, DALL-E 2, which you can watch here:

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If you haven’t seen this yet let me show you 
some examples: This is ChatGPT. You’re chatting   With an AI. so the fun thing here is to see how 
far you can get it to go. I asked it to explain   Nuclear fusion in the style of a limerick, 
I don’t know why. It did a pretty good job! Then I was trying to figure out what are the 
implications here for a school. I think people   Are going to have a lot of both excitement 
and concerns about that. So I said write a   Five paragraph essay analyzing the relationship 
between Gatsby and Daisy and The Great Gatsby. You   Can just read what it said and tell me if you 
think it’s good. Here I’ll get out of the way… I mean it’s pretty straightforward but this is of 
a quality I mean I based on my memory of the book   I think this is a quality on par with like short 
form five paragraph essay writing in school… Which is WILD!

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