The 4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet is a smart bed for babies

Smart baby product company 4moms debuted their newest product at CES 2020: The mamaRoo sleep bassinet. It features built-in speakers to play a range of sound, and a variety of different motions designed to make it easier for your baby to fall asleep. It’s $329 and should begin shipping in February.

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[Music] Repair at pet pop and we’re showcasing Our new products the Monroes sleep at The net we’re really excited about it There is an evolution of our most Popular product which is the memorial Infancy so mom residency it has been Around for 10 years and it moves like You do when we created it we actually Put sensor bets on new parents and Watched as they comforted and soothed Their babies and we were able to mimic Those motions in the 5 unique motions And so you’ve taken notes proven motions And put them in a safe sleep solution so This right here is for overnight sleep So there’s still five unique motions Here five sounds we have a vibration Mode for built-in light noises and both Of them are Bluetooth enabled so you can Download the qur’an’s app and control All of the motions right from your phone So the mobile is an accessory the mobile Is actually new as well it will be Available in April and so it’s moving it Has different textures that will retail For $49.99 and the smaller asleep Estimate will retail for three $29.99 What we found is this is really for the Fourth trimester so when babies are in The womb there you still be walking Around the kids they’re used to that Constant motion and it’s very comforting To them and so we were able to kind of

Extend that right so they’re sleeping in Your womb and now they have motion while They’re asleep as well you can use the Mama’s a bassinet up to 25 pounds or Until your baby can push up on their Hands and knees [Music]

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