The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 AniMe Matrix Has the Most Bonkers Laptop Lid Ever

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is an excellent gaming laptop, impressively powered by AMD’s newest Ryzen Mobile CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics in a compact 14-inch body. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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[Music] Hi I’m matthew buzzy with pc mag and i’m Here with something a little fun a Little different today Now this is the asus rog zephyrus g14 Uh it’s a laptop that we really liked i Gave it a really high score when we First reviewed it Amd ryzen 9 processor nvidia rtx 2060 Gpu Uh 14 inch screen really portable good Battery a lot to like as a gaming laptop 1449 was the prices tested so that’s Really good for those components as well So Um four and a half star editor choice on The original version of this laptop Now while we’re bringing to you again is Because this is a new model with a Different lid That kind of is mostly for fun but it’s Really neat um you can see here is a Little preview this this software that’s Running in the background But the big reveal is the lid technology Um You can get any graphic any uh gif and Also type in custom scrolling text as You see and it will appear on the lid in This dot Led matrix that they built into the lid Uh on this diagonal here So this part’s solid this part has the

Has the lights and it allows you to Customize Right in this software um anything that You want to put in there I will caveats right up front um not Every gif Looks great on this lid um it Has a bit of a problem where if there’s A colored background say if this If this was an animated gif and it was Moving uh the colors kind of blend Together because It is only lights um it’s lights with Different brightnesses so there’s only So much you can do In displaying uh the gif correctly so You might be better off picking Something that’s a little static or just Really simple clean With a um all blank or filled in Background so that the color Doesn’t lay on top of it because then it Gets confused and it kind of shows just A block of light and it doesn’t really Look like much So not everything works you might have To pick through some gifs or cool ideas You have to find something that works But Eventually we’ll get there and the Scrolling text you don’t have to do Anything fancy for All you to do is type it in and it Automatically adjusts it for you

You can also create a loop of different Gifs and put them in order like you Would edit a video And uh it cycles between them so once One finishes it carries on to the next There’s also an audio video visualizer Which is cool you can put a clock on the Lid which is kind of neat That’s something that’s slightly more Functional it can even show when it’s Closed um so that’s kind of cool there’s Also a different color of this available Uh instead of the white you have a Darker background but um I actually like the white you would Think the colors wouldn’t pop as much Because it’s white on white but It actually it looks really good um so I’m a big fan of that Now there is one more change i should Talk about uh the lid the anime matrix As they call it is not the only Difference um in this laptop The screen itself is actually a bit Different its resolution is 1440p And uh it has a 60hz refresh rate so the One we reviewed originally is a full hd And it had a high refresh screen um they Dropped that here for a higher Resolution and a lower frame rate Gamers may not love to hear that because It’s harder to play games at a high Framer than 1440p And people like the high refresh rate

For competitive games so it’s a bit of a Trade-off for the lid And it’s more expensive 1999 as opposed To the 1449 For the model we reviewed overall the Rog zephyrs g14 with the anime matrix Lid is the same great laptop we liked in The original g14 It is more expensive you do kind of lose Some of that value proposition the Original was a great price which is part Of why i gave it a four and a half star And an editor’s rating but this adds a Higher resolution and it adds the fun Lids feature so You will have to pick kind of make a Trade-off between uh the value And the high refresh screen versus the High resolution And the fun lid otherwise it has all the Same great things we loved about it um And You can read more about exactly how this Lid works and some more details about The software And my full write-up on

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