The Best Fitness Trackers for 2022

More singularly focused than smartwatches, dedicated fitness trackers are wearable devices that can help you move more, sleep better, and improve your overall health. Here’s what you need to know to pick the right one for you, as well as the best fitness trackers we’ve tested.

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00:00 Introduction
00:32 Best Overall: Fitbit Charge 5
01:40 Best Fitness-Friendly: Apple Watch Series 7
02:49 Best for Beginners: Amazon Halo View
03:48 Best for Serious Athletes: Polar Ignite 2
04:58 Best Fitness Tracking Ring: Oura Generation 3
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– There has never been A better selection of fitness trackers, But with all this choice comes confusion. So we here at PCMag test
dozens of models every year To help you find the best one
for your needs and budget. We take into account
factors such as accuracy, Battery life, Features, style, and more When making our evaluations. With that in mind, These are the best
fitness trackers for 2022. – If you’re looking to
improve your health, The $179.95 Fitbit Charge 5
is an excellent investment. It offers top-notch fitness, sleep, And stress tracking features That can help you stay motivated
to meet your workout goals, Get to bed earlier, And incorporate mindfulness
into your daily routine. The latest generation
builds upon its predecessor With a more attractive design, Featuring an always-on color touchscreen And a slim metal case. It’s Fitbit’s most
expensive fitness tracker, But it offers several useful
health and lifestyle features That aren’t available on
the style-focused Luxe Or the entry-level Inspire 2. That includes GPS, An electrodermal activity app
that measures your stress, And an electrocardiogram feature To assess your heart rhythm. The Charge 5 balances form and function Better than any other Fitbit tracker. Starting at $399, the Apple
Watch Series 7 smartwatch Provides a robust suite of wellness tools,

Including Apple’s
motivating activity exercise And stand rings, As well as integration With the company’s Fitness+
workout streaming service. I also like that it can
help you track your period And fertility windows, And keep you honest
when washing your hands With an automatic
20-second countdown timer. Compared to last generation, The Series 7 has a larger
display that’s easier to read, Improved dust protection
and crack resistance, And a redesigned charging system That takes less time to juice up. These refinements make an
already outstanding smartwatch More practical for tracking
your outdoor activities And monitoring your sleep. Plus, the Apple Watch plays nice With many smart home gym machines, Such as the Peloton Bike and Tonal. If you need some motivation to get active But don’t want to spend big
bucks on a fitness tracker You’re not sure you’ll stick with, Amazon’s $79.99 Halo View Might be just what you’re looking for. This budget-friendly Fitbit alternative Can track your activity, Blood oxygen saturation, Calories burned, heart rate, sleep, Skin temperature, steps, and more. The Halo app membership,
which is free for a year When you purchase the tracker, Offers tons of features to
help you improve your health, Including workout videos, Audio meditations, and
nutritional recipes.

The Halo app can even
measure your body fat And assess your movement health. If you’re on a tight budget Or just starting out on a
path towards better health, The Halo View is a terrific value. If you’re in search of a
capable GPS fitness watch That also looks good, The $229.95 Polar Ignite
2 is an excellent choice. Polar’s products are
known for their accuracy, And the Ignite 2 can track around 130 different types of activities, Including everything from
baseball to roller skating. It also offers personalized
daily workout guidance To help you train smarter. It has a stylish design
with an engraved metal bezel And a large bright color touchscreen. This second-generation model Features a weekly summary dashboard That shows your total training
time, calories burned, And distance covered
over the past seven days. It can also broadcast your heart rate To Bluetooth-enabled gym equipment, And features a low-power mode
for long training sessions. Though it’s primarily a
fitness-focused wearable, The Ignite 2 offers smartwatch features Like music controls and weather forecasts. Not into watches or wristbands? You might prefer the Oura, The best finger-based
tracker we’ve tested. Starting at $299, The third-generation Oura is
like a mood ring on steroids. It looks like a basic metal band, But it houses small sensors To keep tabs on your activity,

Physical and mental health, and sleep. It can even monitor your heart rate And track your body
temperature around the clock, As well as predict your next period. It was really difficult to
narrow this list down to five, So if you don’t find a
model featured in this video That meets your needs, Rest assured that you have
plenty of options available. Ultimately, the best
fitness tracker for you Comes down to factors
like your activity levels, Your aesthetic preferences, Your health goals, and your budget. So for more, Check out our roundups of
the best fitness trackers, As well as our roundups For the best fitness trackers for running, And the best fitness
trackers for swimming.

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