The Best Robot Vacuums for 2022

Want to keep your floors clean without lifting a finger? Let a robot do the work for you. The options are more capable and affordable than ever, and we’ve rounded up the best robot vacuums to help you pick one that’s just right for your home.

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– Hi there. I’m Angela
Moscaritolo, a PCMag analyst, And welcome to my home. With so many robot vacuums on the market, It can be difficult to narrow
them down and find the best One for you. We here at PCMag test
dozens of models every year To help you find the best one
for your needs and budget. We take into account factors
such as suction power, Obstacle avoidance, battery life, And overall performance
when making our evaluations. So with that in mind, These are the best robot vacuums for 2022. – If you’re looking for an
affordable robot to clean your Floors, the Wyze robot vacuum
offers a lot to like for $250. That includes 2100 PA of
suction power and a laser sensor For mapping your home, A feature typically only found
in more expensive models. You can use an app to select certain rooms And send the vacuum right there. Or, create virtual walls
to cordon off areas You want avoided. It works quickly and methodically
effectively collecting Debris and pet hair from
hard floors and carpeting. If you want clean floors,
but you hate mopping, You might be the perfect
candidate for a robot mop. And if you also happen to
loathe cleaning the shower, The $299 Samsung Jetbot Mop might just be The best robot for you. Simply fill its tanks with water and A bit of cleaning solution if you want. Pop on the mopping pads, Use the included remote
to select a cleaning mode, Then sit back and relax as it
roves around maneuvering under Chairs and around obstacles
while scrubbing your floors.

Once they’re shined to your satisfaction, You can head over to the bathroom, Pick up the bot by its handle
and let its spinning pads Bear the brunt of the effort
while washing your walls. Here’s a five word horror story. Robot vacuum meets dog poop. I’ve never experienced
this disaster firsthand, But imagine it would be
traumatizing enough to swear off Floor cleaning robots for life. The $850 iRobot Roomba
j7+ promises to solve this Problem by using a built-in
camera and machine learning Technology to detect and
automatically avoid common Obstacles, namely pet
waste and phone cords. When it docks after a cleaning run, The robot automatically empties
its dustbin into an allergen Sealed bag. So despite its premium price, The j7+ earns our
Editor’s Choice Award for High-end robot vacs, Especially if you have a cluttered home or Accident prone pets. At $950, the Roborock S7+
is one of the most expensive Floor cleaning robots we’ve tested, But it’s also one of the only
models that can both mop and Vacuum your floors at the same time. Whereas other hard wood
cleaners avoid carpet completely While mopping the S7+ automatically lifts Its mop cloth out of the
way when it detects carpet, Allowing it to complete
both tasks more efficiently. The S7+ won’t sanitize
your floors since it only Works with water, not a cleaning solution, But it still scrubs them until they shine. So if you’re looking for the
ultimate two in one floor Cleaning robot,

The S7+ is the best we’ve
tested and our Editor’s Choice Award winner. – Those were the best floor
cleaning robots for 2022. Ultimately the best model for
you comes down to your budget, Your home size, flooring type, And your cleaning preferences. So there’s not one best
model for everyone. Be sure to check out
our individual reviews For more information. I’m Angela Moscaritolo, And this is PCMag.

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