The Best VR Headsets 2022

Are you eager to explore another world? A quality VR headset can take you there, whether you want a standalone model or one that tethers to your PC or video game console. Prepare for the trip with these top picks.

00:22 – 01:10 HTC Vive Pro 2
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02:27 – 03:26 Oculus Quest 2
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– Hi, I’m Will Greenwald,
senior analyst at And this is the Oculus
Rift Development Kit. This device pretty much kick-started The modern wave of VR headsets, That we’re seeing today. But this came out in 2012 And that was quite a long time ago. The world of VR headsets has
changed a whole lot since then. Here are the four best VR
headsets we’ve seen recently. Despite my qualms about
tripping over cords, PC tethered VR is still going strong As seen in the excellent HTC VIVE Pro 2. A one-handed offers some
of the highest resolution And cleanest visuals we’ve seen In a consumer available VR headset. On the other hand, it’s
by far the priciest At $799 for only the headset Requiring a sizeable extra
spend for the base stations And controllers it needs to work. HTC offers different base
stations and motion controllers That range in price from $134 to $199. However, for motion controllers, It also works with the
Valve Index controllers And they’re excellent. So we’d recommend getting
some HTC base stations And then picking up the
Valve Index controllers To go with them. The VIVE Pro 2 is the
highest resolution VR headset We’ve seen with a price to match. It’s worth considering If you want the best VR
experience available, And don’t mind mixing
and matching components. At $999 for the full headset,
controllers, and base stations The Valve Index is an expensive
PC tethered VR system.

The headset itself, while capable, Doesn’t do a whole lot to
rise above the competition Besides delivering a
smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The controllers, however, wowed us With their individual finger tracking And much more natural immersive field Than other VR controllers we tested. They’re the real stars of the show And the reason the Valve Index Earns our Editor’s Choice
Award for tethered VR headsets. Though, if you already have a Vive headset With base stations, you
can add the controllers For $279 and save a ton of money. The Valve Index is the most
impressive consumer VR headset We’ve seen yet, entirely due
to its revolutionary finger Tracking controllers. The Sony PlayStation VR headset Brings powerful,
compelling virtual reality With motion control support To the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You need an adaptor for the PlayStation 5. It offers a great balance of
price, power, and features, But it’s showing its age and
its move motion controllers Are a solid decade-plus old. If you have a PS4, it’s
a fun way to enjoy VR. If you have a PlayStation 5
or plan to get one, though, Hold off until PlayStation VR 2 comes out. Sony recently announced it And it looks like it’s
going to be a huge leap up From the aging PlayStation VR, And it has its own new controllers. The original Oculus Quest
was a VR breath of fresh air With its six degrees of freedom Head and controller
tracking, strong performance,

And most importantly
standalone functionality. The Quest 2 is an upgrade in every way With a lighter design, a sharper display, And a faster processor, All at a more affordable
price than the original. For $300 it’s the best
all-in-one package for using VR And there are optional
accessories for PC tethering Or to double the battery
life of the headset. That makes it the best VR
headset at this price by far And our Editor’s Choice. Because it uses a mobile processor, The Quest 2 can’t offer
as advanced graphics As you would get from the
VIVE Pro 2 or the Valve Or anything you can connect to your PC. At least not unless you
tether it to your PC And use it wired. That’s because there simply
isn’t enough processing power In the headset itself. The big benefit is that you
don’t have wires to trip over, And that’s a pretty big boon. Whether you want the most visual realism Or the most convenience,
you have your choice In the Quest 2, And that’s why it gets
our Editor’s Choice. Those are the four best VR
headsets we’ve recently tested. This is where the current
trend of VR headsets Got the ball rolling a decade ago, And we’re going to see what
the future of virtual reality Holds in the coming years.
Until then, I’m Will Greenwald, And this is

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