The Best VR Headsets

Whether you’re looking for a standalone headset or one that tethers to your PC or console, we’ve tested the best virtual reality headsets and platforms to help figure out which, if any, is right for you.

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I’m will greenwold senior analyst at and this is our list of the Top vr headsets First on the list is the oculus quest it Is currently our favorite because it’s The only standalone vr headset on the List Standalone means you don’t need to Connect it to a computer or game console All the electronics are built into the Headset which means There are no wires you just put it on Your head you grab the controllers And you can play it is six degrees of Freedom which means it tracks Orientation and position so which way You’re Facing and where you are that’s very Important for a good vr experience Any good vr headset is going to have six Degrees of freedom or sixth off 3.3 degrees of freedom was acceptable on Cell phone based very limited vr Headsets that were quite cheaper But now it just isn’t nearly as Compelling you need the position Tracking And the quest provides that it doesn’t Have nearly as much processing power As pc powered or console tethered vr Headsets But it still has enough power to provide A very compelling vr experience and There are lots of

Really good games on it like beat saber Super hot vr there are a lot of really Cool vr experiences you can enjoy on the Oculus quest Even if it is the most limited in power And in your experiences available Its library is a bit limited compared to What you can get on a pc The playstation vr is the oldest headset On this list but it has been going Strong for years and Sony continues to support it it works by Connecting to your playstation 4 or ps4 Pro And basically it offers the same Benefits as any other vr headset It uses a camera this time an external Camera usually over your tv That tracks uh where your head is facing Where you’re positioning All of that it uses motion controllers It has all the vr basics and it has a Lot of Very compelling vr experiences on Playstation like Res infinite tetris effect there are a Lot of really good vr experiences on the System His drawbacks are you do need the Playstation camera so you need it Watching you you need a line of sight With the headset it doesn’t use an Outward facing camera like the oculus Quest

Or rift s or htc black cosmos you do Also use the playstation Move motion controls which are really Showing their age uh sony originally Released them With the playstation 3 as sort of a Alternative to the wii motion Controllers and they were very good Motion controllers at the time But they’re big plastic ones when the Oculus The vive the valve index all have much More grippy natural feeling controllers That Seem to work a bit better this doesn’t Mean the psvr is a bad experience it’s Actually A very good one with a very big Selection of Compelling vr games available on Playstation Presumably it will work with the Playstation 5. sony hasn’t been entirely Clear about that Cindy did announce a playstation camera Accessory for the ps5 And no new psvr headset which Indicates that the vr will work with the Ps5 Because the only reason to have a Playstation camera is pretty much to Have a headset uh if that’s the case We’ll find out as it gets close to the Ps5 launch

The oculus rift s is a pc tethered vr Headset it connects to your pc which Needs to be a pretty strong gaming pc You need a good Graphics card enough ram uh displayport Output But it offers the most power of the vr Experience and the widest selection Because you can get Tons and tons of different vr Experiences on Oculus store on steam vr There’s a lot you can do with it the Drawback for the playstation vr as well As the Oculus rift s and the htc vive cosmos is That they are all physically tethered to Your console or pc This means running a long wire from your Headset to Whatever you’re using to power it this Means you have a lot more power there But you need to worry about not tripping Over a cable when you’re enjoying the vr It’s kind of why we like the oculus Quest a little bit more just as a Usability aspect of it still you get a Lot more power and a lot bigger Selection of games from the tethered Headsets and that is its own benefit The htc vive cosmos is a similar vr Headset to the Oculus rift s it connects to your pc it Uses outward-facing cameras

It has pretty much the same selection of Games you can I’ll access a lot of things through Steamvr the only issue is It’s a lot more expensive than the Oculus rift s So we have a hard time recommending it Over the oculus just because of the big Price difference It offers pretty much the same Experience and it is its own compelling Vr Just headset it’s just pricey and Speaking of pricey while we haven’t Tested it yet there is the valve index Which is valve’s vr headset Uh obviously it’s designed to work with Steam vr steam is owned by valve His claim to fame is that it has a new Motion controller that can individually Track finger movement which is Very intriguing for any vr experience The issue there Is that it is by far the most expensive Consumer vr headset out there And it requires external sensors unlike The rift s And the htc vive cosmos so you would Need to basically put these boxes Around your room to track your position As always we’re looking at new headsets And performing ongoing testing to update This list Regularly i’m will greenwall for and this was the best vr Headsets for 2020. You

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