The Division 2 Servers Down for Maintenance This January 3, 2023

Foreign [Music] The Division II servers down for Maintenance this January 3rd 2023. if You're having issues logging in to the Division 2 you're not alone Ubisoft has Taken the division two servers down this January 3rd 2023 and this is for the Game's first ever maintenance period of The year The Division II server's down Status and updates for January 3rd 2023. Here's the announcement by the studio to Deactivate Santa outfit we're taking Number t h e t i v i s i o n two servers Down for a scheduled maintenance Tomorrow Tuesday January 3rd at 9 30 am Set 3 30 a.m EDT 12 30 a.m PDT estimated Downtime is three hours to stay up to Date with latest top stories make sure To subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video as You can see it's going to last for at Least three hours and once it's done the Santa outfit will no longer be available No word yet if there's going to be a Patch alongside this but if there is one We'll be sure to let our readers know Same as always if there are changes to The maintenance schedule or something we Will update the post to reflect it [Music]

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