The Kohler Numi 2 brings smarts to your parts

The Kohler Numi 2 is one of the wildest – and smartest – toilets on the market. This $7,000 commode is completely hands free and plays music and birdsong while you go. It’s truly an amazing little robot.

So we’re at CES 2019 looking at some of The coolest products I’ve seen in a While I want you to tell me about this new me Jonathan yes this is our new me Intelligent toilet it’s in a run of our Entire intelligent toilet offering so we Offer a wide array of toilets and Intelligent portfolio that focus on Cleansing comfort and convenience so These toilets have heating seats they Have bidets They auto open they auto closed they Auto flush so the host of convenience Features for our consumers so the last High-tech toilet I saw was uh you could Flush twenty golf balls where have you Been hiding these things so they’re not Hiding they’re certainly growing in the U.s. they’re very popular over in Asia And Europe it’s a global offering of These intelligent toilets they’re Growing that kind of a 10x rate faster Than our traditional gravity flush Toilets what needs to change in the US For this sort of hygiene that could Become popular is it an educational Thing is it just availability I think Comes down to education right we’re Trying to educate our consumers on the Benefits and the cleanliness that’s Associated with bidets and then also the Other great features that can be Integrated into these toilets as well so

Speaking about our new me specifically It has lighting and has music our new Noomi 2.0 has dynamic lighting and Dynamic sound and then also has Integrated Amazon Alexa okay so explain To me the the need for Amazon Alexa on The on the can yes we already know that 80 percent of consumers are bringing a Phone or tablet actually into the Bathroom and 13 percent are actually Using voice in some aspect so we’re Trying to do it in a more gracious way We’re taking that technology and Integrating it into one of our products And that way they have that experience Whenever they want so it spent a lot of Time there in the morning or in the Evening what’s the weather the news the Traffic all those things right at your Fingertips and all these other guys the Mirrors the bathtubs these all are gonna Start working together so you can Actually control that from Alexa yeah so Our cooler Kinect portfolio actually Brings all those products together so Kohler company is able to offer the full Suite of products in the bathroom clerk Connect does that as well so we have a Bathtub we have a toilet we have a Shower all working in that ecosystem Together building out full scenes and Routines for our consumers how much is The new me too gonna be the new me tooth We almost started seven thousand for the

White version and then eight thousand For the black so much can we knock it Down we get like a half like instead of Alexa we do like Siri no so II so Alexa Be the first one to come to market Understand these are luxury products Colors of luxury And were the first ones bringing this Technology to this space so that’s where The price tag comes from all right every Time I go to the bathroom I’ll put a $5 Thing in a jar and in two years I’m Gonna have enough to buy a toilet sounds Great ready to ship one two yeah thanks Jonathan

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