The Level Smart Lock hides within your existing door hardware

By hiding within your existing door hardware, Level Lock brings smart lock functionality without changing the look of your door.

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[Music] We designed the world’s first invisible Smart lock it fits inside your door to Make your existing lock smart so Basically with other smart locks two Days they put motor and sometimes the Keypad on outside your door Basically putting a lot of burden on the Customers to change the way they use Their doors sometimes they take the key Away Everybody in the house to change how They interact with the house we decided That the keys still really important and Not everybody in the hall needs to adopt The technology of the same rate so we Wanted to make a technology that was Seamless that fits inside the door but Keeps the things that people look at as Their loft which are the key and paddle But make it smart so basically we Designed a lot that sits inside the Borehole of your door and gives you all The benefits of a smart lock but it is Also very reliable and secure we have The highest residential security rating We passed NC grade 1 a security rating So all the you know tests that you do to Make sure their lock is secure in the Home we launched the company October We’ve also launched your announcement With Walmart in home we’re gonna be Exclusive lots of Marion home service as Well as partnered with Lamar homes as an

Investor so product is available to Reserve on our website at level Co and We’re gonna start shipping very soon at The end of this month You

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