The RadMini By Rad Power Bikes Is Hefty Yet Rad!

Tito Hamze reviews the Radmini Electric Folding Fat bike by Rad Power Bikes. This thing is a heavy beast but one hell of a smooth ride.

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Tito Hamze

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This is the rad mini electric bicycle From rad power bikes it’s an electric Assist folding bike and with having one Of the worst commutes on the techcrunch Team there’s no better person to test This out and yours truly I live all the Way in Livermore California and I’m Going to commute to TechCrunch Headquarters in San Francisco pretty Much two hours door-to-door yeah it Sucks you need to put on my helmet Because you know as they say in the old Country Safety first let’s unplug the power now Let’s ride [Music] The rad mini electric bike is a high Quality bicycle from the leather bound Handlebars and seat to just the overall Build it feels very well made but here The deets it has a powerful 750 watt the Fan gear hub motor a lithium ion battery That’s using Samsung cells and rated for 800 charge cyclists a total payload Capacity of 275 pounds and a rear rack That can hold 40 pounds it can reach a Hub speed of 20 miles per hour and an Estimated 25 to 45 plus mile range it Has a half twist throttle and what they Call an intelligent five level pedal Assist a full LCD display including Speedometer battery levels and odometer A built in headlight along with a front Suspension fork with preload adjustment

And lock out a 7 speed Shimano tourney Drivetrain 180 millimeter tetro Mechanical disc brakes and a 25 for Kenda crusade sport tires these things Are heavy duty the whole thing weighs Sixty three point seven pounds but with The electric assist you don’t feel it at All [Music] So the coolest feature about the rad Mini electric bike is that it’s a full Bike but it’s also foldable let me show You how that’s done you take this little Hinge right here and you unscrew it you Bring it out pull it up a little bit the Bike breaks in half so now You fold it in half now when you rest it They’ve actually created a bar so it Doesn’t it doesn’t rest on the gears Then we take this handle that comes Apart that folds in half now look at how Compact this beast is take it put it in The fart zone move it as delicately as Possible 263 pound behemoth and now it’s Just time to relax baby riding the bike Is very comfortable and you can tell That the craftsmanship is also nicely Done again from these leather bound Handlebars and a comfortable seat oh my God it feels good this bike is hefty It’s a pretty heavy bike but with these Nice fat wheels and suspension that get Rid of any and all bumps it makes it a Nice smooth ride switching between the

Electric assist modes is simple with the Five different levels that can easily Get you up to 20 miles per hour with Little work or go fully electric and use The throttle the zero exercise just the Way you like it [Music] Finally made it only took me two hours And five minutes damn my commute sucks Big fat so that is the rad mini electric Folding fat bike what did we learn today It’s a great bike that provides a smooth And fun ride it’s heavy at about 63 Pounds you can feel it but it can fold To a very compact size takes about five To six hours to charge for a range of 25 To 40 miles and it’s a clean well-built Machine that will get you to the office No problem at 1500 bucks it’s not for Everyone but it seems to be at a good Price point if you’re tight on space and Looking for a fun little Cruiser to use Around the city or commute to work in [Music]

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