The Unlock is Here: Riot Games and Benefits Come to Game Pass

The Unlock is Here: Riot Games and Benefits Come to Game Pass.
Calling all top fraggers, ARAM mains, master tacticians, and meta breakers!
Riot’s biggest PC and mobile games are now available to Game Pass members, along with a Malphite-sized heap of additional unlocked benefits and rewards.
Here’s what just got unlocked, plus details on regional availability and some limited-time bonuses for players who link their accounts before January 1, 2023.
Games and Benefits.
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Blend sharp gunplay and game-changing tactical abilities in Valorant, Riot’s fast-growing 5v5 character-based tactical shooter.
Take on foes across Competitive and Unranked modes as well as Deathmatch, Escalation, and Spike Rush.
Starting today all Game Pass members will unlock:

All current Agents.
Access to every new Agent as soon as they’re released.
20% Match XP Boost given to Battle Pass, Event Pass, and active Agent Contract progress.

Foreign [Music] The unlock is here riot games and Benefits come to Game Pass calling all Top fraggers Aram Maines master Tacticians and meta Breakers Riot's Biggest PC and mobile games are now Available to Game Pass members along With a malphite-sized heap of additional Unlocked benefits and rewards here's What just got unlocked plus details on Regional availability and some limited Time bonuses for players who link their Accounts before January 1st 2023 games And benefits valorent to stay up to date With latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video Blend sharp gun play and game-changing Tactical abilities in valorant Riot's Fast-growing 5v5 character-based Tactical shooter take on foes across Competitive and unranked modes as well As dietmich escalation and Spike Rush Starting today all Game Pass members Will unlock all current agents access to Every new agent as soon as they're Released 20 match XP boost given to Battle pass event s an active agent Contract progress League of Legends get In on one of the most played competitive Games in the world and a Mainstay of the MOBA genre in League of Legends a game That blends speed strategy and intensity

Two teams of five powerful Champions Face off to destroy each other's bases Starting today Game Pass members will Unlock all 160 plus Champions access to Every new Champion as soon as they're Released 20 XP boost team fight tactics In teamfight tactics and auto battler Strategy game players combine League of Legends Champions and items in Limitless Formations to outsmart and defeat seven Other players in a match of wits and Quick decisions all with an adorable Tactician by your side starting today Game Pass members will unlock one star Rare little Legend tacticians 4 Arena Skins that are available until April 2023 and one Arena scan on a monthly Rotation thereafter Legends of runatera In this strategy card game skill defines Your success mix and match iconic Champions allies and regions of runatera To unlock card synergies and outplay Your opponent starting today Game Pass Members will unlock all cards and Foundation set and if that wasn't enough We also have another game and set of Benefits coming in January League of Legends wild Rift built from the ground Up for mobile League of Legends wild Rift brings the classic 5v5 MOBA gamma Play of League of Legends to mobile Devices players can team up and test Their skills in a fast-paced game with Smooth controls and a streamlined feel

Designed for touchscreens beginning in January Game Pass members will unlock All 80 plus Champions Day One access to Every new Champion as their released 20 XP boost plus players who link their Riot account and Spock's profile by January 1st 2023 will also get a bonus Reward in each game valorent pocket Sage Buddy League of Legends Masterwork chest And key team fight tactics little Legend Rare egg wild Rift random emote chest Legends of runatera Prismatic chest for Game Pass members in Hong Kong Indonesia Malaysia the Philippines Taiwan Thailand Singapore and Vietnam benefits for League of Legends and teamfight tactics Will begin unlocking in January 2023 Game Pass members in India will have Access to all benefits starting today For the titles available in this market How to link your account and see your Rewards connecting your accounts is easy Installing and playing a riot game Through this box app on PC will Automatically prompt you to link yours Box and Riot account or create a riot Account if you don't have one yet once Your accounts are linked your benefits Will be unlocked and you're ready to Play how to access your benefits install This box app on your PC and ensure it's Updated to the latest version open this Box app on PC and select any of Riot's Games click player install from there

You'll be guided through the steps to Creating a new Riot account if you don't Already have one and Link it with yours Box profile after linking your accounts You'll receive a notification that your Benefits are unlocked and ready to go The unlocking process can take up to 24 Hours but once you receive the Notification you can check out your Horde of unlocked content in your Endgame collections with the rewards Program indicator if you'd like more Information please check out these Support articles we are thrilled to be Teaming up with spocks to bring these Benefits to Game Pass members link your Account today to try the newest agent Find a new pocket pick start a dance off On the convergence cure it your perfect Deck and more [Music]

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