The Witcher 3 New Quest: How To Get Armor And Weapons Inspired By The Netflix Series

The Witcher 3 New Quest: How To Get Armor And Weapons Inspired By The Netflix Series.
The Next-Gen Update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now live across all time zones and systems.
While PC players have been experiencing some issues with the new, upscaled graphics, the update has delivered some impressive improvements to an already fantastic open-world RPG.
Aside from the clear graphical improvements, there is also a new quest for players to take part in.
The highlight of the fresh content is a new quest, called ” In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow.” It can be found at the Devil’s Pit Fast Travel Post in Velen, which was an unused location in the original game.
However, fans have speculated that the Devil’s Pit was the location for an eventual cut quest involving Ioverth and Nilfgaard.
Regardless of that speculation, Devil’s Pit is at the center of this new quest, which rewards players with armor and weapons from the Forgotten School of the Wolf.
Fans that have watched the Netflix series “The Witcher” will immediately recognize this armor as the set that Geralt wears in the show.

Foreign [Music] The Witcher 3 new Quest how to get armor And weapons inspired by the Netflix Series The Next Gen update for The Witcher 3 wild Hunt is now live across All time zones and systems while PC Players have been experiencing some Issues with the new upscaled graphics The update has delivered some impressive Improvements to an already fantastic Open world RPG aside from the clear Graphical improvements there is also a New quest for players to take part in The highlight of the fresh content is a New Quest called in the Eternal fire Shadow it can be found at the Devil's Pit fast travel Post in VLAN which was An unused location in the original game However fans have speculated that the Devil's Pit was the location for an Eventual cut Quest involving eye of Earth and nilfgaard regardless of that Speculation Devil's Pit is at the center Of this new quest which rewards players With armor and weapons from the Forgotten School of the wolf fans that Have watched the Netflix series The Witcher will immediately recognize this Armor as the set that geralt wears in The show read below to learn how to Require the Netflix armor set in The Witcher 3. to stay up to date with Latest top stories make sure to

Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video the Recommended level for the in the Eternal Fire's Shadow is 15 which is roughly What players should be upon entering and Completing a few quests in Vilan players Who are loading an older save can also Partake in the quest no matter their Level although the quest will feature Enemies that are level 9 to 15. so Over-leveled players won't experience Much of a challenge no matter where You're starting from you need to reach The Devil's Pit fast travel post which Is found directly in the middle of Villain you can see exactly where it is In the screenshot below where to begin The quest once you reach Devil's Pit you Will see a new Quest marker a yellow Exclamation point appear on your screen The quest marker is directly to the west Of the Fast Travel post here you will See a priest of the Eternal fire Shouting toward the Devil's Pit with a Carriage behind them talk to the priest Go through the dialogue and you will Begin the in the Eternal fight fire Shadow Quest speak to the priest to Continue after doing so head down into The Devil's Pit defeat the enemies and Go into the mine where a supposed spirit Is lying in wait ready to unleash a Plague on the world you'll have to use Your Witcher senses and your magic lamp

Inside the mine but a spirit's voice Will guide you along the way you'll Learn that a Witcher named reinold has Been trapped in the mine but there were Some nefarious circumstances surrounding His imprisonment we'll skip any specific Details regarding the quest so players Can experience it themselves however After completing the quest with reinald You will acquire diagrams from him which Are from the Forgotten School of the Wolf however these are only preliminary Plans and you need to travel to Karmorhen to retrieve the more advanced Plans this sets you on a new treasure Hunt called scavenger hunt forgotten Wolf School gear diagrams you need to Select this treasure hunt from your Quest journal to track it head to the Car Morehead Library fast travel to Carmorhen make your way through the Castle and go toward the quest marker The marker will be in the Castle's Library go up the ladder and to the left And you will see a bookshelf that is Fluttering with white Sparkles loot the Bookshelf to find a note from Osmond and Vessimer Osmond is The Witcher that was In contact with reinold about crafting The new armor which is now known as The Forgotten School of the wolf you'll need To read both of the notes which can be Done by going to your inventory and Looking in the quest item section after

Reading both notes you'll have all of The diagrams needed to make the Forgotten School of the wolf armor and Swords the set comes in three different Versions basic mastercrafted and Grand Master ingredients needed for one part Of geralt's New Look the basic set has a Level requirement of 20. the Mastercrafted set is at 34 and the Grand Master set is at 40. if you truly want To look like Gerald from The Witcher Netflix series you can continue to make The new sets of armor as you progress Through The Witcher 3 story therefore These are rewards best acquired by Returning players but if you're new to The game you can use these cool cosmetic Rewards as motivate Nation to see more Of the game and continue leveling up if You're hopping Into The Witcher 3's Next-gen update you might be interested In the new cross save feature which Allows you to access the same saves on Different platforms the products Discussed here were independently chosen By our editors Gamespot may get a share Of the revenue if you buy anything Featured on our site [Music]

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