This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The phablet arrives with a bigger battery, updated S-Pen and improved camera, starting at $1,000.

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There’s some amazing new performance Features on this device and it starts With the all-day battery four thousand Milliamp per hour battery that consumer That lives on their device that’s doing More that’s consuming more content out Of the box it has 128 gigs of storage And it has a brilliant new camera that Understands what’s in front of it we Call it scene optimizer So that you can take beautiful Filterless photos with one-click the S Pen is the heart and soul of this device And what’s new with it is that now not Only can you do things when you use the S-pen on the screen you can also use as A remote control for your device when You’re up to 30 feet away with ble Compatibility the battery on this device Is 4,000 milliampere ours we’re Confident that it’s gonna take a user Throughout their entire day and the most Challenging days internally we do an Eight point safety battery check on all Or batteries from design to factory Floor to ensure that they are safe However we’ve gone one step further and We’ve allowed ul and exponent industry Leaders in battery safety testing to be Able to validate the battery on the Galaxy Note 9 for the first time on Android Galaxy S users galaxy s7 and Above users will be able to do that First on August 9th to download

Fortnight on Android and Galaxy Note 9 And tablets for consumers will be able To get an exclusive skin in game our Galaxy Note consumers tend to live on These devices if their primary computing Device rather than carrying around a Mouse and a keypad with a simple HDMI Adapter your Galaxy Note 9 transforms Into the mouse and the keypad so you can Have a dual screen experience with a Monitor and have that Leanback Productivity when you’re on the go it Will be available for pre-orders on August 10th and available in stores for Purchase on August 24th You [Music]

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