TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew: 3 things to know

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew: 3 things to know.
TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified Thursday at a congressional hearing over concerns about user data collected by the popular video-sharing app and potential Chinese spying.
Under his helm, TikTok reached 150 million users in the U.S., the majority of them teens and young adults who are attracted to the app’s simple interface and addictive algorithm that serves up short videos on just about any imaginable topic.
Lawmakers have said they’re worried about American data falling into the hands of the Chinese government and claim it threatens national security and user privacy and could be used to promote pro-Beijing propaganda and misinformation.
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Chew attempted to persuade lawmakers not to pursue a ban on the app or force Chinese parent company ByteDance to give up its ownership stake, testifying that TikTok prioritizes the safety of young users.

Foreign Testified Thursday at a congressional Hearing over concerns about user data Collected by the popular video sharing App and potential Chinese spying under His Helm Tick Tock reached 150 million Users in the U.S the majority of them Teens and young adults who are attracted To the app's simple interface and Addictive algorithm that serves up short Videos on just about any imaginable Topic lawmakers have said they're Worried about American data falling into The hands of the Chinese government and Claim it threatens National Security and User privacy and could be used to Promote pro-beijing propaganda and Misinformation to stay up to date with Latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video Chu Attempted to persuade lawmakers not to Pursue a ban on the app or Force Chinese Parent company bitidence to give up its Ownership stake testifying that Tick Tock prioritizes the safety of young Users he says the company he plans to Store all U.S user data on servers Maintained and owned by the software Giant Oracle here's a closer look at you What is his background 240 is a native Of Singapore where he lives with his Wife Vivian cow and their two children He graduated in 2006 from University

College London and worked for two years At Goldman Sachs before moving to the U.S to pursue a master's degree at Harvard Business School Chu had a Two-year internship with Facebook after Earning his MBA he became a partner at Venture Capital firm DST Global where he Worked for five years and helped Facilitate investment in the company That became vitidence he then worked for Five years at xiaomi a Chinese Smartphone company before being Appointed tiktok CEO in 2021 replacing Kevin Mayer a former Disney executive Chu reports to Biden's CEO Liang rubo What's his reputation the U.S public Knows relatively little about you Compared with Silicon Valley social Media Giants such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg said Brooke Aaron Duffy who Studies social media platforms as an Associate professor of communications at Cornell University Chu has been in the Background on public discourse until now So he doesn't have the same reputation We would associate with the Silicon Valley set especially Zuckerberg Duffy Said most Americans likely first heard Of Chu when he released a video this Week speaking directly to tick tock's Users she said so he doesn't have the Same reputation as someone we know and We don't have sense of who he is but Chu Is well respected within the U.S and

China Tech communities and was Considered a good fit for Tick-Tock Because of his background in Investment Banking and his time at Facebook and DST Global said Dan Ives managing director Of new york-based wedbush Securities he Gained a lot of respect just by taking That high risk and the hot seat roll a Tick-Tock I've said adding that the Company likely thought he was the right Person to ease tensions with U.S Lawmakers how did he do in his testimony Choose decision to emphasize talks reach In the U.S might have backfired and Actually strengthened U.S lawmakers Argument that Tick-Tock poses a threat To both National Security and young People said Jasmine enberg a social Media Analyst at Insider intelligence Enberg said there was little Chu could Say to convince lawmakers that Tick-Tock Is not monitored or influenced in some Way by the Chinese government Ive said Chu's testimony was always going to be Fraught but as lack of concrete answers About data access and security was a Disaster and likely set the stage for a Ban it was a perfect storm and lawmakers Were ready I've said but Shelley Palmer A professor of advanced media at Syracuse University who studies social Network business models said Chu did the Best he could given the grilling he Received from lawmakers who in my

Opinion were not actually listening but Instead were grandstanding I don't think He has the ability because of who he is And what he does to be satisfying to This audience said Palmer adding that he Believed Chu's answers were not unlike Those given by CEOs from us-based social Media companies who have been questioned In the past about privacy

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