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If you are looking for the best tech tips site to help you get the most out of your technology then look no further. These sites offer a wide range of helpful tips and tricks that will make you smarter every day!

Online Tech Tips is a leading site that provides easy-to-understand tutorials. Their content includes technology news, computer tutorials, software reviews, and personal computing tips.


WikiHow, a site with articles on a wide range of tech tips and tricks, is used by millions of people each month. It offers tips on everything from deleting browsing history to preventing viruses.

The site has been in business for over 10 years and has a dedicated team that works hard to ensure the quality of its content. It has also partnered with experts from the medical field and more than 30 nonprofit organizations to verify the accuracy of its instructions.

Users can also add their own tips and tutorials to wikiHow. It’s a great way to share your own knowledge and learn something new!

If you want to help out on wikiHow, it’s a good idea to pick a topic that hasn’t been covered before. This will increase your chances of getting an article approved and being viewed by others.

To make your articles more useful, write an outline that is filled with actionable steps and backed by references. This will help your readers understand how to do the task you’re teaching them.

You can earn awards and contests, participate in projects and edit other users’ articles. You can even become a patroller, who is responsible for changing bad or unhelpful edits back to the original.

How-To Geek

How-To Geek is a site that offers tech tips and advice for everyday people. Their goal is to help you save time, money and keep up with the latest technology news.

The site is staffed by a team of tech pros with decades of experience in their field, and they’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your devices. They write articles, reviews and how-to guides on a variety of subjects, and they’re also responsible for the business side of the operation.

Their newest book is The How-To Geek Guide to Windows 8, which can be purchased on Kindle. This is a 961 page book that will take you through the basics of Windows 8 and provide step-by-step instructions for most of its features.

This is an excellent book for both beginners and more experienced users. The information is clear and easy to understand, and the authors have done their homework.

The How-To Geek Guide to Windows 8 is a good choice for anyone looking to learn more about the operating system. Its 961 pages will help you become a Windows 8 expert in no time at all. And, for a low price, it’s a great value.


YouTube is a video sharing site that allows users to post videos of any sort. It was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawee Karim in February 2005 and is owned by Google.

The website is free to use and can be accessed by anyone around the world. In addition to being a way to share videos, it also gives users a chance to watch tutorials or “how-to” videos from experts.

One of the most popular features on YouTube is the ability to create and edit videos, which can be a valuable tool for businesses or nonprofits looking to promote themselves online. The site has also become a popular platform for learning, with more than 2.3 billion videos viewed on the site every day.

In the past year, YouTube has rolled out a number of updates to its platform, including the ability to upload high-quality HD videos and improve its mobile video experience. In addition, it’s testing a pinch-to-zoom feature that lets users zoom in and out of their videos while they play.

You can also add custom watermarks and video thumbnails to your videos. These help viewers identify your brand and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

Reddit Technology

Reddit is a massive community of registered members who submit content such as links, text posts, and images that are then voted up or down by other users. If you are new to the site, you may find it challenging to navigate.

It is important to understand the site’s rules and etiquette before you start posting your own content or joining in on a discussion. This can help you avoid causing any confusion or problems with other users.

One of the most popular ways to use Reddit is to do research on topics that you are interested in. It is also a great place to share your thoughts on the latest products and technology.

The most important thing to remember when using Reddit is to be polite and respectful to others. This will not only make your experience more enjoyable, but will also encourage other users to continue using the site.

While this is true of all social media platforms, it’s especially important to remember when using Reddit. This is because the platform is notoriously protective of its communities and subreddits.

As a result, it’s critical that you keep the conversation flowing and make sure to upvote comments and submissions that are relevant and helpful to your audience. This is the best way to get your brand noticed on Reddit and build a strong community.


Quora is a social question-and-answer site that allows you to answer questions and participate in conversations in subjects you’re an expert in. It’s an excellent way to build your reputation as an authority in your industry or niche and drive traffic back to your website.

Unlike other user-generated Q&A sites, users on Quora create profiles based on their real identities. This helps ensure that their questions are asked by real people and that the answers are voted on.

The website is also self-moderated, which means that good answers get upvoted and bad ones are downvoted. This is a helpful feature for marketers, as it ensures that the most relevant content is displayed on the front page of the site.

Another feature is the “questions catalog,” which organizes posts based on their popularity and relevance to a given topic. This makes it easy to scroll through and find new information on topics that interest you.

It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest tech tips, and it also gives you a chance to network with other people who are interested in your niche. Creating a Quora profile is simple, and you can even sync it with your Facebook account to keep track of the topics you’re interested in.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is a tech tips site that provides news, reviews, how-to articles, and informative videos about technology. It also hosts a podcast and works with partners to produce original series.

This website is one of the most popular tech sites on the internet and it receives over twenty million unique visits per month. It also has a large social media following.

The site also offers a desktop app for Mac and PC that enhances the user experience. You can run apps in distraction-free windows and organize your accounts with Spaces.

Another major player in the tech review space, Digital Trends has been around since 2006. They have a solid reputation for fair and insightful reporting.

In addition to writing about phones and cameras, the site also features reviews on wearables, smart home devices, and cars. The site is a popular resource for readers looking to find the best products and services that are available today.

Digital Trends strives to humanize technology and keep its readers up-to-date on the fast-paced world of tech. They focus on the ways that technology shapes our world and helps us live better.

The Next Web

The Next Web is one of the largest tech tips sites in the world, delivering an international perspective on technology news. The site’s mission is to inform, inspire and connect people who are passionate about technology through media, events and services. The site teaches its 10 million monthly users about the latest technology and helps them to find new ways to use it in their everyday lives. It also hosts a series of virtual events called Couch Conferences that educate its audience about topics related to tech, such as digital product development, branding and marketing.

The Next Web, aka TNW, has a number of digital media services that help organizations and governments to deliver custom innovation programs. It also manages several initiatives that focus on international technology news, business and culture. The company’s flagship event is the TNW Conference, which attracts around 17,500 visitors each year. The event uses data to improve its marketing efforts and ensure a successful experience for its attendees. It also uses social platforms to connect and engage its fans, and enables them to automatically like and tweet articles that they read.

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