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Technology can be intimidating, but it’s not hard to learn new tech tricks and tips if you have the right resources. We’ve rounded up six websites that will keep you current with the latest tech news and tips.

OnlineTechTips provides a variety of tech-related tutorials, news, and software reviews. Its main categories include windows tips, computer tips, Google tips, and web site tips.


WikiHow is a tech tips site that uses the wiki model to enable millions of users to create step-by-step how-to articles on a wide variety of topics. Founded in 2005 by internet entrepreneur Jack Herrick, the site aims to provide free, comprehensive how-to guides for people worldwide.

The site’s “radical collaboration” model means anyone can add an article, and a large community helps to create quality content. It also allows new articles to be reviewed by expert users before they appear in search results.

Some articles are even checked over by doctors and lawyers. For example, an article on how to help your cat take its medication was approved by a vet.

Volunteers can edit articles, add new information or revert vandalism. Many wikiHow editors are experienced writers or experts in their field, but anyone can help to build and maintain the community.

For many users, wikiHow is their go-to resource for learning how to do everything from making a chocolate souffle to deselecting your Labour MP. Over 150 million monthly visitors spanning 230 countries rely on wikiHow to answer their questions and guide them in their pursuit of knowledge.

How-To Geek

How-To Geek is an online tech tips site that offers articles, trivia and helpful how-tos. Its content is written “by geeks, for geeks.” How-To Geek was established in 2006 and is one of the top 500 sites in the US with over 15 million monthly visitors.

The website is a great resource for technical enthusiasts, with features and articles that are well-organized and easy to understand. It also provides a variety of resources to help readers learn how to do things better, such as tutorials and user forums.

A geek’s passion is a good thing, but you want to make sure that it doesn’t overshadow your day job and other important activities in your life. A good rule of thumb is to spend no more than 20 percent of your time on your hobby.

The most important tip for a computer buff is to always use the latest version of your operating system. This will protect you from security threats and improve your overall performance. You should also adopt shortcuts to save you precious seconds when you need them most, like when launching an application. In addition, you should download a quality antivirus software program to keep your PC malware-free and running smoothly.


YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, and it’s a great place to share your content. It’s also a fantastic resource for SEO, especially when you add your website links to your profile page and within each of the videos you upload.

In addition, YouTube’s browse features can be a great place to find new viewers. By ranking on these features, you can increase your channel’s views and subscriptions, which can help expand your reach.

You can also optimize your descriptions and About pages on YouTube for SEO, which will help you gain more exposure. Filling these areas out concisely and with relevant keywords can improve your rankings on video search engines, and Google may even rank you higher in their suggested videos.

In April, YouTube introduced a “Research” feature that lets you see what your viewers and audiences are searching for over the last 28 days. It can also give you insights into similar channels, search volume, and content gaps.

Reddit Technology

Reddit is one of the most popular tech tips sites in the world. It’s also known for its user-generated content, which can be used to boost brand authority, promote a website or generate referral traffic. It’s a great way to reach a wide audience, and it’s especially helpful for marketers targeting millennials and Generation Z.

The site is also known for its’subreddits’, which are communities that focus on specific topics. For example, if you want to learn about washing machines, you’ll find many subreddits discussing this topic.

A new feature on Reddit is called ‘community muting’, which lets users control what they see and don’t see in their feeds and on their profile pages. It’s a big change from the previous version of the site, and it gives redditors more control over what they share on the platform.

Other features include ‘typing indicators’ that show when two or more redditors are typing, and’reading indicators’ that let users know when five or more people have read their posts. These features are designed to make Reddit more lively and in the moment.


Quora is a tech tips site that allows users to post questions and answers. The site is largely self-moderated, with good answers getting upvoted and bad ones getting downvoted.

Answering questions on Quora is an excellent way to learn about your target audience’s interests and needs. Moreover, it can help you create content that speaks to these interests and addresses their concerns.

To get started with Quora, sign up using your email address or a social media account. Then, tell the site what topics you are interested in so that it can show you relevant questions and answers.

Creating a Quora profile is a quick and easy process. The profile requires a name and photo, as well as some basic information about your background and experience.

It is also a great place to share your own knowledge and expertise. When you write an answer, your name and credentials will appear just above it. You can also mark an answer to help others.

Another cool feature of Quora is its “Follow Topic” feature. This allows you to scroll through a catalog of all posts about a certain subject.

The Quora catalog arranges all of its posts by their popularity and relevance. It’s a great resource for finding relevant topics for your blog posts, ebooks, and other online content.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is a tech tips site that provides users with an extensive range of helpful articles, guides, and reviews. It also features a variety of interesting content, including videos and podcasts.

As a result, it is often referred to as the top tech news site on the Internet. It covers the latest technology, trends, and upcoming products. Its product reviews are comprehensive and detailed, while its news section is a great source of information for both tech experts and newcomers.

Another great way to stay up to date on technology is by reading blogs. These websites are more agile than traditional media, so they’ll pick up on new trends quicker. Additionally, blogs tend to feature a variety of writers and thought leaders, so you’ll get a wide-ranging view of tech trends.

These sites all have their own unique features, but they all have one thing in common: They are a must-read for anyone interested in the world of technology. They break down technology into manageable chunks, make it easy to learn new skills, and provide in-depth guides that can help you navigate the digital world.

The Next Web

Tech tips site The Next Web is one of the most visited websites for information on tech, and it has been around for over a decade. Its writers educate its audience of 10 million monthly users with stories and insights, and it also organizes a series of events that bring the community together. The company also recently launched Couch Conferences, which are virtual conferences.

The Next Web has a mission to spread the tech culture and inform people about new technology and start-up companies. Its website and annual series of conferences focus on international technology news, business, and culture.

Although it has helped us transform much of the world, the Internet has brought a number of challenges. These include the need for consistency and interoperability, better governance, and more user control over personal data. The company has made it its mission to address these issues, and it has even outlined some solutions for the future of the Internet.

The Internet has been a massive disruption that has reshaped the world, but it is still going through an important evolution. Its future entails a new platform known as the metaverse and Web3. Both of these platforms have the potential to shape a variety of digital experiences and technologies. It is important to prepare for these changes, and businesses should collaborate to build the foundations of the next generation of Internet.

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