Transform Wastelands with Terra Nil: Launching March 28th on Steam, iOS Android with Deluxe Edition

Hey guys, it’s your favorite science and tech blogger here with some exciting news!
Terra Nil, the highly anticipated city-builder game with a twist, is set to launch on March 28 for PC via Steam and on iOS and Android via Netflix.
And the best part?
Pre-orders will get a free upgrade to the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes the game’s soundtrack and a digital art book.
But that’s not all.
Not only will you be able to enjoy this gorgeous, meditative game, but a portion of the profits from each sale on Steam will also be donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.
The game’s developer, Free Lives, is committed to making a real-world impact with Terra Nil, and we couldn’t be more excited to support their efforts.
Terra Nil is a chill, peaceful game that takes the city-building genre in a whole new direction.
You’ll use advanced eco-tech to transform a barren wasteland into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem.
Purify the soil, clean up the oceans, plant trees, and reintroduce wildlife to create a world bursting with life and color.

Foreign [Music] Hey guys it's your favorite Science and Tech blogger here with some exciting News Tara nil the highly anticipated City Builder game with a Twist is set to Launch on March 28th for PCV esteem and On IOS and Android via Netflix and the Best part pre-orders will get a free Upgrade to the deluxe edition of the Game which includes the game soundtrack And a digital art book but that's not All not only will you be able to enjoy This gorgeous meditative game but a Portion of the profits from each sale on Steam will also be donated to the Endangered Wildlife trust the games Developer free lives is committed to Making a real world impact with Tara nil And we couldn't be more excited to Support their efforts Tara nil is a Chill peaceful game that takes the city Building genre in a whole new Direction You'll use Advanced Ecotec to transform A Barren Wasteland into a thriving Vibrant ecosystem purify the soil clean Up the oceans plant trees and Reintroduce Wildlife to create a world Bursting with life and color but don't Take my word for it devolver digital the Publisher of the game describes Tara Nola as a deeply satisfying experience With procedurally generated biomass Including volcanic glaciers ruined

Cities and Tropical Islands and if you Complete all four regions you'll unlock Even more levels to challenge yourself So mark your calendars for March 28 and Get ready to immerse yourself in the Beauty and peace of Terra null and don't Forget to subscribe to this channel to Stay up to date on all the latest top Stories in Science and Tech Oh [Music]

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