Tribe Pivots To Video Chat Games

Josh Constine sits down with Tribe founder Cyril Paglino to talk about how the future of casual gaming is playing with your friends’ faces

Tribe lets you play games on your phone Without ever stopping video chatting With your friends you see them up in the Corner while you play all sorts of Simple fun old-school arcade games and That means you don’t have to post it Feeds you could just hang out we’re Sitting down with the founder Cyril Pegg We know to see what he has to say about The future of gaming on mobile so tribe Used to be a video messaging app and you Guys changed into a gaming app why did You pivot so we’re building a video Communication product since two years And a half first a synchronous then live So still using the video as the main Medium and we liked it but we thought it Was a bit crowded and so we’ve looking To add an extension to that and games Was pretty logical if you look at the Real life when you have a dinner with Friends at the end you play poker or you Know I’m gonna pull you in the sunday And so we think that games is real like An extension of what really like Meaningful connection can be and so We’re trying to build casual game pretty Simple pretty silly and funny for a Group of people don’t want to play Together when they are physically apart Basically so you mentioned that the Space is kind of crowded I mean between Facebook and Instagram stories and Snapchat you guys were pretty similar to

Snapchat and and was that what you’re Talking about when you say it was too Crowded yeah also like the video Messaging space basically if you look at Facebook Messenger right now video Messenger on Facebook is great apps like I was probably doing great product sort Of a video product out there that is Like without doing the great job and so We’re looking to find a way to just like Sneak out of it and have something Different for us basically so we’ve seen This shift from video and video chat Being used for a utility to being sort Of a way to just hang out with your Friends and waste time why do you think That that’s such an a4 video now first If I saw more and more capable of doing That network also and Wi-Fi is getting Better so a few years ago if you set a Picture or video to someone it was a Poor quality quality and cut it in like You know custom use I’m singing thumb of Like I’ve been weaving and and money run IDEs 3.we fees everywhere and and the Fun are way better in the Camelot way Better front face camera so I think the The use case of getting lazy at you Place and to really room and being on FaceTime is getting where much bigger in The past years and FaceTime I’ve been Also helping that a lot so right now That doom Pick is ready and everything is you know

Ready for that you can just add more Stuff so features on games potentially More stuff at the end like collaboration And stuff like that in the future Yeah and it seems like people are just Sort of sick of always posting to a feed Or to their stories and instead they Want something a little bit less Pressure phul where they can just sort Of be themselves right definitely this Definition of hanging together and while You’re not physically your part is Really important to us and this is why We’re out of we don’t have any feed or Any posting stuff it’s really like you Want people on matters to you you can Just talk to them play with them a fan Compete and and this is basically do the Car a sense of the product

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