Unboxing the 2021 Apple iMac 24-Inch

Seven colors…we got the yellow! Take a look with PCMag inside the box of the new Apple M1-based iMac as we crack it open for the first time.

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24” iMac with Retina 4.5K Display:
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– The computer that revolutionized Access to the internet 20 years ago Is back in an entirely new form factor. That’s right, we’re talking
about the new 24 inch Apple iMac And we just got a brand
new unit in for review, And so let’s start with
the most exciting part Of the review process, unboxing. The first thing you notice
about the iMac box is It looks very similar
to other Apple products. We see that it’s mostly
white, but as you can see Our iMac is the optional
yellow color scheme, And you can see that
reflected in the packaging On the exterior and, most
notably, this really unique handle Which Apple says, along
with the rest of the Packaging material, is actually 96% paper. So let’s take a look here as we open it. As you can see, the first
two parts of the box Open very easily but then
we have the iMac itself Which is lodged in between
these two, actually these Three, little bars here, two of which Have arrows on the end
which you need to pry open Before you can take apart the box. Now, as soon as I get this iMac out of the Packaging material, the
actual all-in-one itself, And remove this paper
covering which, again, Apple says it’s 96% a
paper in the packaging, You can immediately see
that the yellow color Is really more of a gold color And it extends to pretty much
the entire back of the device And of course also the tiny stand. And the other thing that
I’m most struck by here Is just how thin and tiny
this 24 inch iMac is. We’ll have much more, a lot
more comparisons on PCMag.com, But the new device really
is much smaller than

Either the 24 or sorry, the
21 inch iMac that it replaces Or the 27 inch iMac, which
Apple continues to sell. So I’m going to pull away
this ”hello” sticker here To reveal the screen. And so that’s pretty much it As far as the actual device is concerned But Apple is all about those accessories. And the version that we have for review Comes with the whole shebang, which means That it’s got not only the
keyboard, the power cord But it also has the optional
force touch trackpad And the mouse, which you can see there In the lower right corner
of the accessories box. So let’s take out the power cord first. The cool thing about
all of these accessories Is they are color matched
to the iMac’s color, Whichever you choose, so it looks like The power cord matches
that yellow-gold color, And as you can see in the power adapter, There’s also a connection
for the ethernet port. Then we’ve got that additional power cord That connects to the adapter. And then in a stacked arrangement, Apple has put the force
touch trackpad, wrapped in What appears to be plastic,
but it might be paper Because 96% of the packaging is paper. And then below that is the mouse. Both of them, both the
mouse and the track pad Have that nice color
matching along the bottom And the edges, as you can see. Now, the interesting
thing about the keyboard On the higher-end 24 inch
MacBook Pro, or sorry, The 24 inch iMac is that it comes with An optional touch ID sensor
in the upper right corner

Which lets you log in and perform Fast user switching on the fly. The base model does not, the
keyboard in the base model IMac does not come with that
added fingerprint sensor. So now let’s go ahead and
move all that packaging aside, That 96% paper box and packing materials, And let’s look at the final piece Which is removing the back cover. And yes, as you can see, Although there’s no
Apple logo on the front There is a giant Apple logo on the back, Which is immediately
apparent as I take off That back sticker there,
which also reveals, In the lower left, the ports. There are four USB-C ports
and the power button. And then the last thing
I’ll do before I kick you Over to PCMag.com to read our full review Of this new iMac, is to
connect the power cord Which does use a magnetic sensor. It’s not quite as easy as just snapping The sensor in and letting it do its thing, You do have to guide it a little bit But that really is the last step. And then you can flip around
the iMac and turn it on. So thanks very much for watching
this iMac unboxing video And be sure to check at
PCMag.com for our full review.

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