Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT on WordPress

Introducing ChatGPT – a powerful chatbot based on the latest GPT-3 technology that can provide personalized and intelligent responses to your users.
In this video, we are going to check how ChatGPT can help you with your WordPress website to research the best plugins, get WordPress hosting and do some code snippets.

We are going to see if ChatGPT can help us create a WordPress theme or plugin.


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Hello I am dragon from because Channel And in this video we’re gonna see open Eye chat board It’s called chat GPT this is your native Artificial intelligence Chatbot that you can ask various things Or you can ask him to write code or Other things that you may want and he Can answer all these questions for you Also this [Music] GPT But it’s free right now it’s in better Mode that it can be used for free to see How it’s it’s working lately there were There was a lot of chatter about This uh open I bought and A lot of a lot of people out there tells That it will replace Google and Yeah things things like that in this Video we’re gonna see how we can use it To help us with some WordPress things That we have to do and how well it’s It’s doing just a spoiler in the last Days I’ve used it and it has some issues Like right now there are a lot of People out there that’s using it and the Infrastructure is not ready for this and You may have some some errors but yeah Let’s try it and see how it’s doing so For WordPress we can We can check some of the things that can Be done for instance you can use it for An article research I have here on

Already something written Let me put it Yeah so please tell me what are the best MMS plugins for WordPress that are out There it’s a simple question if you go To Google and search it you will find Articles about this and Let’s see what jet gpds tell about this In in the past of course some good Responses yes or right now it takes some Time for this to To respond but you see like right now he Doesn’t want to respond to this to this Question Tells that it doesn’t have access and Cannot tell you what are the best Plugins but it will give you a list with Some of the plugins For WordPress Here are some guidelines Yeah let’s try again Because usually it responds to your Question Also it’s very important I’ll put the Question so So Asking it needs also interested in what You’re asking You see that right now it responding to This question it’s a large literally MS And so on I mean this is just like At least with the Dragons that are there but from here is Tutorial the message missing and other

Plugins so yeah it’s just To help you with some things you see That in the second try this work first Time it didn’t actually did anything so Yeah it didn’t it helps a little right Now Next I will gonna ask him what is the Best wordpressive thing to see what he’s Suggesting Let’s see What he tells us about the best word Resourcing and We’re seeing Yeah let’s see started the standard text And it’s Putting the like the most recommended One not the best ones from my point of View the host is like the one that’s Recommended by everyone and Yates and It’s not that good it’s either it’s okay And the others are quite okay But yeah I mean you cannot trust this Thing It’s just putting what others are Recommending first Also I will ask him about some vpsos Things because I did a lot of VPS tests In the past and I know Services that are out there and let’s See what he’s recommending when you ask Him what’s the best GPS hosting for WordPress Let’s see I guess it will use the

Most recommended things that are out There let’s see When it comes to VPS Okay it’s recommending the same things Right there from R okay It doesn’t know right now about WordPress uh about share hosting on VPS This time when I asked him about this he Didn’t answer like this he just put it Like this a lot on full vulture and we Know let’s try again just to see The second time it’s More reliable Because right now most of these are Share hosting Companies and not specifically VPS Providers let’s see Yeah brand more complex but again this Is not the answer let’s see what he’s Recommending what is a good thing that You need to take into consideration Which is a VPS provider Okay so here we go the solution Walter Reynolds These are the top three recommendations Not Actually not really maybe the best ones They’re also like hessner on that are More cheaper on davo that are good but These are the most recommended VPS Out there because yeah they’re playing With commissions mostly Okay so yeah I mean I guess you may have An idea right now how this can help you

For the article Research let’s say or your research is To Or your questions the other thing that Charging Beauty can be used it’s to Write code snippet so for instance I Will ask him how I can disable the admin Bar in WordPress and we’re gonna see What he is telling so ask him directly How I can do that with code Let’s see in the past it offers with the Answer for this it’s just give me the Code nipping that I can use and Disabled Landing Bar Yeah It’s starting to write the code so This is the code to do That you can use to do that we are going To test it just to see how it’s doing And this is a simple code but again you Can ask him other things we’re gonna see For instance other let’s say more Complicated things Okay here you see like Hitler also created a second option For all users you can finally code Let’s let’s put this And see what he’s doing I have a test Website in here if you Let’s go and check it Then right now you see here we have the Admin bar in here Let’s go and the appearances theme file Editor and add this code and see what

It’s doing I need to disable the hanging bar let’s Put in functions I will just do what He’s telling me to do Okay I have instructions here let me Delete this because it was another test That I did Okay Update file And the file is it stressfully and let’s See right now if we refresh this We don’t have that mean bar so it really It just it really provided a good event For this Okay let’s see what else we can ask him Maybe more complicated another thing That I want to ask Kim is still a code To zip it I think let’s ask him how I can either Check out what checkout skill in Woocommerce To see what he’s answering I mean this Is not very complicated but it’s more Complicated and the last thing that we Passed so let’s see What he will tell us There are plugins there And I have I didn’t ask him via code Let’s see Yeah it’s telling the To activate a plugin I will ask him which code if he doesn’t Provide code Yeah this is telling us to

Activate the plugin let’s see till the End now didn’t answer the code let’s ask Him specifically With code this time And see he can offer us the code that we Can put in Our functions that PHP and it will help Us disable the amino Enable the web checkout into the Woocommerce Let’s see Yeah what he’s told us to activate Again but it’s giving us the coding here That we’ll need to input Okay It will be label what it tells us Safeties Well it’s like zero percent I mean I’m Just gonna add this and see What will happen let’s go in here and Edit and this Okay Right now we’ve added a vat And let’s see Require its false Let’s see I have some products in here Products let me Let us check these products and see If you edit cards If we’ll handle what there I mean this Is just like Basic code that you can do but just We’re just gonna see how He’s doing this code

The cart come on Let’s proceed with your cards And yeah And here you have the what Field And It’s using the zero percent in here but Yeah Customer can put what they want in here You understand that It did something it’s not really good Because Disney’s validation this needs To be changed and things like that what Can help you are maybe have an idea of How you can do that another thing that I Were gonna ask Judge gbt is to to write some code of How we can optimize WordPress for Speed I mean This is not easy and it’s especially for Every website but I’m curious to see What Chat GPT will tell us how to optimize Our WordPress speed Let’s see if you have some good Recommendations for For this asking macri to write some code Of course let’s see this time didn’t Write code is just provided a Recommendation right now he is Telling us to do some things so enable This compression this is very good if You need to add in your HTT HDX access file and actually this is a

Very good Called zipping that can help you if you Don’t have lazy compression activated It will help increase your speed Let’s see let’s wait for him to Finish because it has other Recommendations from what I’m seeing I Hope these things doesn’t crash because Usually when it tries to write a lot of Things it’s crashing Okay [Music] Yeah so it’s this thing is quite complex Like on Different things it’s all right crashed A lot of requests that are being made And their infrastructure is not Keeping up with this number of great Users it is used a lot by everyone right Now because there is a lot of chatter In the internet communities about this And How we how this is the next Skynet so It’s doing the same thing right now But it’s different code that it’s Writing for us Let’s let’s wait okay That’s good Enterprise location is Another good thing that can do I mean these are usually done my own WordPress plugin so I can use that but I’m just interested To see what he’s recommending with code This time

I will ask him without code just Just selling I didn’t ask him Anyway so let’s see Optimize images it will also Create something for images but it’s Fancy I thought that was a very good Thing let’s let’s How I let’s ask How I Can optimize My smile press to it Or that is website Speed Let’s see What he will Tell us if it’s different this time I Didn’t ask him for some some code The code was I mean Because something we don’t know anything About WordPress you can try okay let’s Refresh this because I made too many Requests but this thing can be easily Bypassed with refreshing this thing or Treat Hit Let’s see how I can optimize website Speed What John GPT will tell us to do Come on Okay Okay this is very good recommendation Second one save it’s very good Yes they’re done again it’s very good

This is the thing that you need to do to Optimize your WordPress website speed CDN yes you should use a CDN Yes again you should be careful not only For performance how many plugins you are Using Compression yes What it recommended earlier Hosting provider yes it’s Right-handed spot with what you should Do if you want to have a Good WordPress website speed so actually These are very good suggestions that GPD It’s offering us if you are gonna Respect all of this thing for sure You’ll have a very fast OnePlus website But again I mean it’s just some general Guidelines that it tell us it doesn’t Actually Tell us something concrete I guess these Things you could find it in like a Search it’s in Google Okay next thing that we’re gonna Ask him to do for instance if we want to Do some customizations to our WordPress Menu let’s say for instance I written an Article that doesn’t add menu To add a menu badge Notification by anybody in WordPress I’ve asked him how I can do similar Thing right now so in here you you have Like the code that you need to to do and Add the Menu page in there it’s what this thing

Will do it will put like a swamping Thing in here and you can highlight Things so yeah I mean I’m seeing this in UK crafter website To put in this video here he added this Thing so Let’s see you see I can hear it that’s Something like this I’ll ask him to do This Or a similar customization for us I will ask him this thing how I can add A menu Beijing WordPress menu please Write the code so I want the code that I need to to insert And add a menu page I didn’t tell him The many minimum things like that we can Customize this this as we like but let’s See what He’s doing and if you he will help us do These things Okay so first it will tell us to add a Menu A function In here that will add like a veg text in There We’re gonna do that just to see Okay where are this okay and right now I Should Okay we can replace the batch okay no we Sit there but it didn’t offer us some CS C code let’s see how this thing is it’s Looking I don’t know what this thing will do Let’s time it offered a more good

Solution These And so we had some CSC code that we Needed to add it and things like that Let’s go to appearances Cemented Come on my friends let’s put this thing In here and I’m not here like a new I don’t know let’s see what we did Something yes this is what he told us to Do I didn’t actually did anything Yeah let’s ask him again this time it Was more good Okay let’s go Okay it’s different Actually what he’s doing in here it’s This thing which will add like a menu Thing and it will have a Spam imagine in There Let’s see I will I mean I will not change anything we’ll just Put what is It didn’t happen anything because maybe The menu is different it calls other way The function of your team so if you’re Trying to customize your team at least With this thing Like I’ve asked him for this specific Purpose It will not do a lot of things It will not be very helpful but there’s A search internet another thing I’ll ask

Him to create Dream for us and let’s see please create Me a blogging WordPress thing please Write the code Let’s see what he will do He will tell us how we can create our Thing and what we need we need like These things the header and things like That actually this is very good for Someone that wants to create his first Team and I don’t know he doesn’t know Where to start he will provide you this Basic code to do to do this It will Yeah create the file story for instance This is the index.php And you create a lot of basic AP titles Title sheets things Like that here you see the header and it Will go with the buttocks and these are The standard things that you need to do To have them Create the team I mean Yeah I’m good information if you are a Beginner to definitely help you Understand and also it will write some Some code for for you Foreign Because it will Because of the issues that they have With the request so yeah I mean He the answer was quite decent I mean Very complicated Grace and WordPress Theme I mean the complex song but he did

We did A good impression on this Another thing that I’m gonna ask him is Like to write a plugin Uh in the past someone asked him to do That there is some articles about it and He did some basic things with I mean Options and things like that in here I Will ask him please Chris and WordPress Plugin with admin area to optimize Images The code For on WordPress buggy with a main area To optimize images okay Let’s refresh this thing because We made too many requests Okay let’s see So right now he’s writing a cut for us Actually I I don’t know how to create Plugins I know all the basic things But it looks legit And hear it like Stella seem to include The I mean Options and things things like that of Course you need to create that Files And This thing it’s just great in the plugin Yeah and it also tell us The code for first Where to check and how we can create Plugins And this is just created the admin area Let’s ask him

Without that mean area just to see what He will do for us please create a quote For our workplace To optimize images Yeah I’m just playing around with this And see what he’s doing Okay still Is similar thing Same thing Okay didn’t change a lot of things Yeah more This is just without that on me he’s Just creating with a blank thing That doesn’t really do does everything Anything in here We need to add your Handler But yeah it’s like A plugin that can help you Do these things Uh that you can ask him is to create Like WordPress blocks So Um Gutenberg was released years ago for WordPress and you can ask him for Instance please create a code for him Here with another broken or press I’m just trying to see what he will Gonna do of course this is not that easy But you see it here it will Try to create a new blog for Oreo let’s See if this thing works to the end Because I will Add it in the functions and see What is happening if it does something

But let’s see if this thing is crashing Or not I am not experts in creating these Blocks I’m just curious What this Is telling us to do And if it’s working if it will reach the End So yeah it looks like creating a lot of Things in in here So it crashed but you can’t use that Code because it’s just crashing right Now but if you have an idea of how this Thing can be used and Yeah I mean for now I’m just using it For fun to see what what he’s Recommending us to do and Yeah it’s interesting it’s very Let’s say different from other things And yeah I’m curious to see What it will do next and how it will Evolve so Yeah right now this is like a good Reason that you can use to play around And see what it’s telling it doesn’t it Will not replace the experts in WordPress or press Google from what it Looks like anytime soon but yeah it will Help you with your various tasks these Are more complicated tests that I’m Asking about been asking right to write An email or do things things like that Or I don’t know to write like a short

Paragraph or summarize a paragraph for WordPress or I don’t know more light Things that can can handle and it will Definitely help you with some of these Tasks So yeah this is chat GPT and this is Some of the things that we can ask him To do in For you in WordPress I hope you enjoyed This video please like And subscribe if You want or no more content on WordPress Thanks for watching this video and see You next time

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