Using ChatGPT-3 to Make YouTube Videos in Minutes (FULL GUIDE)

I show you how to use ChatGPT-3 to generate YouTube video scripts and then how to turn that script into a YouTube video as fast as possible.

Creators of all kinds have been using ChatGPT for everything they can think of. From articles, to social media copy, to workout routines to complex coding. So in this video, I wanted to show the process of how to make YouTube videos with different AI tools including ChatGPT.

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After watching this video, you’ll now be able to produce full YouTube videos without recording your voice or anything on your camera. And now you know how to make youtube videos with ChatGPT. Is this the rise of faceless YouTube Channels?

Artificial intelligence has come such a long way and it makes me wonder how soon will it be before video editors are no longer needed? I’m not saying that they’ll be completely replaced, but a lot of the tedious editing work will be done by computers… Making things like editing YouTube videos even more enjoyable.

For example, YouTube automation channels and cashcow channels are only getting to increase quality and output with tools likes these.

I wanna hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

Today you’re going to learn how to use Chat GPT to make YouTube videos But there’s one small problem That GPT can’t edit videos for us but Don’t worry I’m going to be using a Second tool which is called an Online video editor by the way I work There which allows us to create videos Without having to record our voice or Any footage and trust me they look Pretty good So write a YouTube video script on the Financial crash of 2008 and as you can See it actually starts to write a script About the financial crash 2008 which is Insane and now while it generates you Need to understand that this is going to Help you massively creating content and Now obviously you don’t want to just Copy and paste everything it generates But it helps you build outlines it does Help you do research I wouldn’t be able To tell you exactly how the financial Crash of 2008 went however here in five Steps they’ve given me the timeline of The financial crash and why it happened Okay and then to get more dirt we can do This tell me something not many people Know about the financial crash of 2008 Okay boom hit it again one thing that Not many people know about the financial Crash of 2008 is that it was not just Caused by the housing market bubble and Risky mortgage lending and see this is

Where the magic is we’re not just going To ask you one question but actually to Do research we can then keep on asking Questions and keep on keep on poking and Then this is something that I could Incorporate in to the script now that We’ve got the script I’m not going to go Through the details of actually editing It right so we’re just going to copy the Actual steps and the conclusion and then I’m going to head over to and I’m Just going to click new video create Projects and remember we’re not going to Have to actually record anything nothing In the microphone nothing on a camera so We’re just going to start with a blank Project so I’m just going to go blank Canvas and the first thing we’re going To do is actually click on Text-to-speech and then I’m going to Paste okay so with 500 characters over The limit I’m going to remove cut this Out add to project Veed is then going to generate the Transcript so let’s listen in the early 2000s the global economy was boom okay So as you can see I’ve got this lovely Texas speech and I can change the voice Um so I’m going to go to Media again and I want to get the second half of the Script now let’s delete that post the Second half and I can change it The financial crash of 2008 sent Shockwave okay I’m just gonna leave it

With Jenny we’re going to zoom out Place my playhead at the end right here And then add to project again okay so Now we’ve got our full script which is Spoken out and now if I just play it Back from the beginning in the early 2000s the global economy was booming Thanks to low interest as you can see I Have an entire video script in spoken Word thanks to veeds text-to-speech now What I’m going to go and do is actually Go back to their media and here we’ve Got some built-in stock videos so here I’m just going to type in financial Crash so I’m literally editing a video Just by searching and asking questions So let’s see um let’s start with this One and basically this is what I’m going To keep on doing And a good tip is to actually try and Match up the stock footage with what’s Being said in the audio or in our script Because it helps tell the story so for Example here I was going on about the Fact that people were buying a lot of Real estate so I can just go to Media Click on search and then I can type in Real estate Okay here in the audio I’m just going to Make a quick cut because I think the Gaps too large so I just trim that stick It back together And here’s another quick creative in the Stock footage they’ve got some nice nice

Green screen ones so I can just add a Quick green screen select it choose the Green color change the sensitivity get Rid of all the green not the red there We go now look at this but behind the Scenes many banks and financial Institutions were making risky Investments with the money they were Lending how cool is that Okay so I’ve just spent a fair amount of Time adding some stock footage and now You can spend as long as you like on This but just for the purpose of this Video in this tutorial I’m going to Speed it up a little bit once you’ve Actually added the video the next thing You want to do is render it one time With solely the audio and you’re going To understand why in a second I’ll just Click on export and I want to choose the Highest quality possible so I’m just Going to choose HD and then click on Export and then V takes only between a Few seconds to a few minutes depending On the length of the video to render it Once it’s rendered I’m going to bring it Back into the editor and then you’re Going to understand why I have done this Chicken break Okay so now it’s finished as you can see We’ve got the video right here the Global level but I’m just going to click On download download is MP4 then I’m Going to go back to veed create another

Project wait until this is finished Downloading And once it’s finished just drag it in To veed so now I’ve got all of the video On one timeline the reason I’ve done This is because I’m now going to click On subtitles automatic subtitle create Subtitles based on the language that I’m Or not that I’m talking in that veed the Text-to-speech is talking in then it’s Going to generate subtitles Automatically with the correct Timestamps based on the videos audio and As you can see now I’ve got subtitles in The timeline and on the video and now I’m going to do a little bit of Customizing so first I’m going to place Them in the middle I’m also going to go To style and change the text um I like This one so it’s plain and simple I like Making it a little bit smaller though so It’s not as in your face and now if I Play this from the beginning oh actually The next thing you want to do is go to Audio and then here you want to search For stock audio and again they’ve got a Built-in library of all the audio you Want so you just want to search around And find the audio you need okay I think This one could okay I think this one Could work let’s play it In the early 2000s okay I like my Subtitles to be on one line so I might Drag this out just a little bit like

That and now we can’t necessarily read Them super well so I might go to this Style Change the color yellow make a little Bit of a darker yellow an effect color We’ve got some drop shadow on just the Effect color I need to make it yeah Clearer and dark like this In the early 2000s the global economy Was booming okay now this subtitle on Two lines Um thanks to low interest rate so I can Actually cut this in two what I can do To make it even more Dynamic I’m just Going to make this really wide to make It even more Dynamic is I can go into Styles and under animation I can Actually animate it right so it comes in Like this it’s kind of up to you as to What you like I like the look of this Scaling one so if we take a look in the Early 2000s the global economy was Booming thanks to low interest rates and A surge in house price and then that is Pretty much it what we might want to do Is just turn up the audio On this track and then maybe turn down The music just a little bit so it’s not Too much in your face and a surge in Housing prices People were buying homes at record rates And Banks were lending money freely to Anyone who wanted to buy and that is how I use chat GPT to make cash cow YouTube

Videos you can ask chatgpt for any kind Of story and any information compile it Into a script text to speech at indeed Ad stock footage music subtitles all Automatically pretty much hit export Burn the subtitles in make sure that’s Toggled export video and there you have It a YouTube video made with AI Artificial intelligence is helping us Make crazy content these days now go and Try this stuff out link to everything I Mentioned in the description below also Links to the final end result gonna be One there too and any questions let me Know in the comment section down below And I want to know what have you been Creating with chat GPT peace

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