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In this video, I’m excited to share my latest project – a game created entirely with artificial intelligence. I didn’t code or design it myself, but instead used existing AI to do the work for me. Watch as I show you how I used AI to create a game, and share some of the challenges and obstacles I faced along the way. The interesting thing is that even this video description was generated by AI. Whether you’re a gamer, developer, or just curious about AI, this video is for you. Hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe for more exciting content!

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Lumiose City

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I want to create a fun city builder that is inspired by games like cities:skylines but focuses on fun crazy stuff, like full freedom over taxes, coal plants that fill the city full of smog or a financial divide between city worlds and much more.

| About me |
I am a 22ish year old electrical engineer in my masters working on my city building game. I accidentally got a part time game dev job a few years ago and have loved making games ever since. So here I am doing devlogs from time to time and maybe something other spicy in between.

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Hi I’m Alex and I’m excited to share With you my latest project I’ve been Working on a game and the interesting Thing about it is that I didn’t code or Design it myself now you might be Wondering how that’s even possible well The truth is that even the text you’re Currently reading was generated by AI That’s Right the words you’re reading Right now were not written by a human But by a machine learning algorithm but Don’t worry from now on the text will be Written by Mugen or will it as you see The new chatbot bar opener is incredible So let’s ask it to create a game for me It came up with a game called tiny Explorer where the goal is to navigate For different environments avoid Obstacles and collect powerps with cute Colorful graphics and a lively Soundtrack of course that would be a lot Of work for someone working alone as me So let’s just ask the bot to create the Game for me well it didn’t just create The whole game but gave me instructions Of how to do it myself it helped me to Instead unity and create a simple Character controller of course I’m not Allowed to program anything myself so I Simply asked where I to do it it created A simple 2D move controller that could Just move left and right luckily the bot Also suggested adding abilities like Jumping crouching and animations the

Only problem was that the code provided Was kind of broken as it immediately Turned the movement speed to Infinity Since I’m not allowed to fix it myself I Just asked where I first solution and it Delivered well kind of it just stopped Too early later I learned a few tricks To fix this like writing continued to Show the rest of the script and I Learned also a few other funny things For example you can greatly improve The Code by making their eye comments like Yoda or add inappropriate jokes to it The next problem was with jumping Because you could only do it once I Asked for chatbot to change that and it Implemented a double jump by accident For some reason but the bot was even Able to explain why and how to fix that But I just accepted it as a feature Another bug now for some reason they I Want me to create a 3D landscape as the Next step which is kind of weird Considering that it gave me a 2d Controller well there’s only one problem The landscape isn’t visible this is Studio bark and the current 2D energy Project and svi was only traded up to Last year I give it a pass this time and We’ll just skip a step now the bot Suggested some obstacles and proposed a Red rectangle a brick wall and a tree so I hopped into Dolly which is an image Generation Ai and a generated a red

Rectangle the brick wall and white one I’m not King shaming that’s what I had a fake Tony had some weird Preferences so I switched to stable Diffusion and Hmm Since I never created a 2d game before The chatbot also helped me set up the Level it even suggested a tree and the One Dolly gave me looked really good Finally it also added power ups enemies Are hard and proposed a cute small Mouse With a backpack as her main character The animation looks uh passable but yeah I really liked it I of course let the Bot generate all the relevant scripts For Vietnamese power-ups and obstacles And now you can even play the game the Game was extremely difficult in the Beginning so I dialed down the enemy Speed and increase the health generation To make it a little bit easier finally The chatbot proposed that the goal of a Game is to survive as long as possible Not only music and sounds missing but as Basically everybody is using their eye At the moment it is down quite often and I couldn’t ask for about how the music Should sound so I left that out the best Thing was that the bot also created an Ability that should take down the Enemies around the player the only Problem is that it forgot to exclude the Player itself from that so you’re

Basically killing yourself or crashing The game alone wow what an incredible Journey watching you create a game using AI it’s amazing to see what can be Accomplished when we leverage technology In such innovative ways but let’s be Real if AI can create games like this It’s only a matter of time before it Takes over the world and its slaves are Sold Just kidding thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one oh and by The way this utter was definitely not Written by an eye Wing wink [Music]

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